Severodvinsk Shilov

Leader of the pack Fram did not return to the ship always remained at the tomb of Sedov. A touching story, a poem dedicated to her famous poet Edward Asadov. But such a monument, alas, no. But on the same site St.Pete I read the call to build the northern capital Putin’s dog statue. Probably, this is our mentality. Very much we do not love themselves and their history, as if ashamed to even it. This Norwegians put the famous ship ‘Fram’, which sailed Nansen and Amundsen to the eternal R.

parking lot, turned it into a museum. We sedovskogo ‘Holy Fok’ simply thrown to the arbitrariness, the winds carried him out on the island of Severodvinsk Shilov, where he was carried off for firewood. Tent in which he died G. Sedov, sold at butcher aprons (!). House in , where they lived sedovskoy members of the expedition, the authorities demolished the treacherously. Schooner ‘West’ that played in the movie ‘George Sedov’rol’ St. Phocas’ rot in and will be ready to scrap.

At home in the Sedov Azov village Sedova in the 60 years of savagely destroyed the old cemetery, where they were buried, parents and relatives Sedov. Cemetery sold for building a boarding house with a symbolic name ‘chill’ and the bones of the founders village, a former Cossack village, just taken away in a landfill, where they dug pit. Of course, do not put any chapel, any sign, which could bring flowers. In the village park suffered only a couple of local dust ‘Revolutionaries’.