Documents you can use any. If a paper issued by "a hundred years ago, lost, you can alternatively submit a certified local governments pohozyaystvennoy excerpt from the book. It is true that where this book search, the law did not specify. Is not in him, and explanations from officials of any level (in the administration of village point, area or region) must certify the statement. General issues to implement the law on dacha amnesty set.

How, for example, register the land if the land has been allocated a relative who has died? If it is a heritable possession, then no problem. But if the land in his time was given for lifetime use, place it on the new rules cottagers quite difficult. Or as a woman who has married and changed her last name, to prove their right to land, received from her grandmother? We first have to at least acknowledge the ties of kinship and raise the archives. And how to determine which of the relatives of heirs have the right to claim land inherited in the Soviet era? With regard to flats decide such disputes are usually in court. And the fate of gardens today is actually delivered into the hands of the local administration. Once the right to use land justified and confirmed, you must obtain an extract from the cadastral plan.

For this portion must first pass survey. And here you can get stuck very long. For example, if in his time vacationers have identified six acres, and He uses a seven and a half, then set realistic boundaries need either the consent of the neighbors, or permission dacha cooperative.