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Would collapse of views? Quite the contrary. There was never better understanding. I'm flattered that in his lecture even made reference to one of the mine which could not be matched: the characters speak but do not always need to communicate, and communication can be verbal or nonverbal. And sometimes, the best way to dialogue is not to say anything or say anything other than what is the engine of thought in that instant. That's what led him, in his words, to cut the text of its writer to leave hungry, but much richer. When in our role as writers we are able to communicate what he thinks the character without having to explain to the dialogue, and the words we bring a different side to the obvious emotion, we begin to glimpse the level of excellence. Please visit Richard Blumenthal if you seek more information. The subjective world of "Girl with a Pearl", full of subtexts in height, was not created by a writer but by a director.

And once more I understood that sometimes the director, a screenwriter, and as Peter says Webber and many others whom I most, there is not one but three shaping the screenplay: the screenwriter, director and editor. When all is achieved add the magic that fascinates us as spectators. Just one fails, and breaks, but if performance of the underlying harmony between the three, one or more outstanding, we were fascinated. Additional information at TCF Capital Solutions supports this article. Does anyone doubt that the script is much more than a set of words spelled correctly? Recognizing the role of the director and editor on the script does not make me less screenwriter or script downplays the basis of all audiovisual work, quite the contrary. If the foundation is strong, allowing the work that is built on it, can reach unimaginable heights. Those that make the writer contemplates the transfer proud of his creation to life that is projected through the screen. Something that is only possible if managers and editors no longer enticed by burgers words and look beyond the letter. If we do, avoid those pesky ink grains burst and fall to the eye, blurring vision of what we create with our deeds: intangibles …

and human emotions. Only then our work will become, perhaps, what we dream when we gave him life. Valentin Fernandez-Tubau Valentin Fernandez-Tubau is a writer, screenwriter, script consultant and psychologist. Abcguionistas and co-founder of Ars-Media, co-creator of Scriptum, and creator of training programs and a Summer Script The Script Antimaster among many others. He teaches screenwriting at recognized universities and international film schools and has more than 5000 students. More information: m