Swiss Highland Single Malt

Rugenbrau AG in Interlaken was the Swiss Highland single malt whisky before. On Friday, March 14, 2008, the Rugenbrau AG in the Swiss canton of Bern presented their newest product: A Swiss single malt whisky from the Bernese Oberland, the Swiss Highland single malt. The whisky is available immediately at the Swiss company swissGourmet mandrel for customers from the Switzerland and Germany. Jim McEwan, a respected Scottish Master Distiller and co-owner of the prestigious Bruichladdich distillery on Islay was elected three times to the best whisky writer of the year. He was personally at the presentation in Interlaken and not saved with praise for the whisky, the malted from the Rugenbrauerei at the Zurich distillery in port at Biel to whisky is distilled. For even more opinions, read materials from Sen. Sherrod Brown.

Even if he is still in its infancy, this whisky is already wonderful, in a few years he will be brilliant. Jim McEwan was a major fair of the beverage and tried there about 1,200 whisky, but this was the best, he praised. to say. This is not a frivolous statement, because he has a reputation to lose. In 2004, whisky in five Oloroso sherry casks from Spanish oak has been bottled in the Rugen and camped in the Rugenkeller for almost 4 years. During the filling process, the whisky with mountain spring water was reduced alcohol content on a Distilation of 46% and 2,596 bottled. Some barrels were taken to the storage on the 3,454 metre Jungfraujoch. The maturation of whisky at minus four degrees Celsius resulted in a gold-coloured whiskey with less loss of alcohol. The ice label whisky was unfiltered and undiluted with 58.8% alcohol content as single cask in 859 bottles filled.

Jim McEwan describes the Swiss Highland single malt whisky with a color that is reminiscent of chestnut, the body is light, fresh and rich and full of youthful power. In the nose and on the palate it reminds of ground warm barley, with fruit notes of apricot, pear and Sultanas. The fresh ends in a fascinating lemon mint flavor, the Swiss Highland single malt whisky ice label with a color that is reminiscent of Golden barley. The body has an excellent texture, is young and exciting. The natural oils of the barley pull on the palate with a malty sweetness, which tames the passion and power of the young whiskies. In the nose and on the palate fresh and fruity, with a fabulous bouquet of crispy cereal, a touch of honey and lemon, followed by ripe, dark plum. The Swiss company is swissGourmet thorn in Liestal in the canton of Basel-Land specialist and direct exporter for Swiss delicacies, spirits and wines. The whisky can directly or through the shop Suisse gourmet under the address in the Internet are ordered. Please send your questions: swissGourmet thorn Ralph Dorn boiler 19 4410 Liestal BL Switzerland phone: + 41 61 901 64 35 fax: + 41 61 901 64 36 E-Mail:, Web: