Switzerland Paraguay

Who wasn’t the dream had to emigrate to a country, offering plenty of untouched nature and many tropical fruits very much sunshine and pleasant temperatures in winter, what criteria must a country meet to emigrate to a country? First and foremost, but also the cost of living for the average consumer must be affordable to live for example of the pension received by the State or by the savings of. Even the real estate you want to unless in addition an ordinary house or luxury villa on a small plot of land or land with several hectares to be affordable. In addition must also the acquired or / and the built in its own and of course remain. Ease immigration conditions, no dangers from natural disasters such as Hurricane, earthquake or even volcanic eruptions are also important. Political stability also plays an important role.

All this gives Paraguay in the heart of South America with the neighbouring countries of Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia, which has itself since German and other European immigrants have settled in decades and founded German colonies, such as for example the colony of Independencia, called in Paraguay Ciudad de Independencia, in the Department of Guaira with his main and university town of Villarrica. Already several thousand emigrants from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland live in this area. Many descendants of the Germans, who were born here speak is still the mother tongue of German and fluent Spanish and also the Paraguayan language of Aboriginals – Guarani, which was also introduced as a compulsory subject in schools for several years to maintain this language. The Department of Guaira and the neighboring Department of Paraguari belong to the most beautiful areas of Paraguay in which one can fulfill his dream of walking out. Although in recent years the prices of real estate such as houses, land and estancias have attracted strong these are very cheap in contrast to Germany and other European countries.