Ford Fusion

"Cursed be the day when I sat behind the wheel of the vacuum cleaner" – sure, many owners of cars made in Russia cite this catch phrase, when confronted with a chronic disease of the iron horse. In this paper we want to share their impressions of the Ford Fusion. And let the reader sleepily ran his eyes over these lines, does not think that it is advertising the Ford Motor Company. By the old Henry, we have nothing to do. And therefore we can assume choice is not biased and objective. Explain a specific example. Our friend, happy to say goodbye to his 99, threw his gaze to the side of foreign manufacturers, may God forgive his domestic auto industry.

So, lots cast. There have been several test drives on the Lancer, Renault Scenic and Ford Fusion. The choice of our other based on the harmonious combination of technical characteristics, price and appearance, that tip the scales in favor of German American assembly Ford Fusion. After the purchase, and we were able to appreciate the advantages of the new machine. Saloon car designed in a very practical, functional style. The front panel has turned out pretty conservative, but in this healthy conservatism is actually hiding care about simplicity. Ford Fusion for a soft ride with a fairly high seating.

We as passengers were very comfortable sitting next to the driver as well as the rear seat. Salon spacious, despite the small size of the car. Well, we have the steering wheel, of course, also shook. The machine is very well-kept road with sharp maneuvers. However, drastic manipulation of the gas pedal to spring slush, we would not recommend doing. Coming off the conveyor cars Ford Fusion equipped with 1.6 liter Duratec, a five-speed manual transmission Durashift, transmitting 100 honest horses. Consumption of 6.7 liters passport promise, but "eats" a little more, until the run-in did not work. We hope that the information provided will help you in choosing his iron friend, good luck!

Brake Drum: Automotive History

Brake drum – one of the main elements of the braking system. Today it is used in the rear brake mechanism of many domestic and foreign cars. And while a more modern system is a disk, brake drum, which appeared at the dawn of the automotive era, continues to be widely used in brake parts, and in some cases, its application is more effective and efficient. Brake Drum is an enclosed structure in which there are brake pads and other related items. When braking pads come into contact with the inner surface of the drum, providing inhibition. The mechanism was invented in the early xx century, when it became obvious that the simplest drum brakes, clamping directly to the wheel, are not efficient enough for cars (currently drum brakes can be seen on Some bikes). Clearly, for reliable service brake drum had to be made from a durable material.

For this was chosen cast, and pads were made from a material having in its composition asbestos. At the same while there was also a hydraulic control system brakes. Such a brake drum confidently and safely worked up until in 1950 there were no truly fast cars, travel at a speed of up to 200 kilometers per hour. Brake drum in such circumstances overheated and could not work effectively. Appeared to update: cast-iron base has remained only in the inner part and the main material for production of parts was aluminum, which cools rapidly, and thus allow the machinery to operate at higher speeds. Another novelty at the time – ventilated brake drum, which is also cooled much faster than its predecessor. However, a few years later appeared fundamentally different mechanisms – disc brakes.

Instead, it uses a drum drive, which is clamped shoes outside, cleans, more efficient and reliable in use. Modern braking systems are of the type of disk. But the brake drum has a mechanism of self-empowerment, which is not a disc, it is easier to correlate with the drive brake, and thanks to the closed construction dirt in it gets smaller. Therefore, the brake drum is still used in off-road vehicles of various models.