Energy Conservation. From Theory To Practice

Energy shortage – one of the realities of modern Russia. Lack of adequate investment in fixed assets in the domestic engineering infrastructure in recent decades, while growth volume load on the communication seriously hamper economic development. It is not surprising that attention is paid to energy conservation at the highest level. For example, a signed last week by President Dmitry Medvedev, the National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation one of the main trends in the economic sphere, called energy security, which depends on energy-saving technologies. The fact that now occurs in the field of energy saving and that puts the state, we talk to the director of the Bureau of Engineering, Siberian Oleg Fokin.

– Not so long ago, in the Sverdlovsk region held the All-Russian Conference on conservation. What issues were discussed? – This annual meeting on energy efficiency issues. This year, experts share their experiences come from more than 50 cities in Russia. – From Novosibirsk was still someone other than the delegation of sis? – We have not seen. – Why the meeting is held in Sverdlovsk region? – Energy conservation – one of the priorities of the Sverdlovsk region. Compared with other regions, they far ahead. – Even compared with Siberia and the Far East? – Yes, I too was surprised that they are ahead of us.

Novosibirsk still the capital of Siberia – the land is severe. According to the logic, we should pay more attention to energy saving technologies. But while the Sverdlovsk region has moved forward, and not only on the number of installed meters.

Russian Federation

The crisis has crept to the Russian Federation. Let the government and said that the financial crisis in Russia is flowing fairly 'soft', not like in other countries besides our merchants instantly felt a strong impact on business. Forced solution for the vast majority was to reduce its staff of specialists. Someone from the outset has cut employees, and someone tried to leave the entire state, but ended it amounts to. Virtually all employers are not even provided opportunities to their employees to make a statement on its own initiative, without taking into account the labor code and thereby ignoring their rights. In such cases, you will help the lawyer in Chelyabinsk. According to Customs Code, the employer must give the compensatory award, employees were laid off staff.

Every employer shall make an announcement on the reduction of state employees for two months. Reduction of the law, only if the employer is not able to take on other available job befitting qualification experience of working. When a subordinate is temporarily able to work or stay in a legal holiday, then the merchant does not have grounds to reduce the current employee. Concluding the contract, the businessman has to pay a dismissed an indemnity in the amount of average monthly earnings. Another slave relies average earnings for the month Within 2 months after the reduction, as long as he is in search of another job. As a result of solving the employment service for workers may fix the average salary per month even at 3 months after discharge. On the day of dismissal, workers must pay compensation for nevzyaty leave, severance pay, s / n for the time worked out, work book and possibly other papers.

If the dismissal, the employer has violated your rights, you need lawyer or a commission on labor disputes. Apply to the commission of a labor dispute must be made within 3 months, the court – within one month from the issue of slave labor book. In a statement authorized officer demand and recovery in the workplace, pay compensatory remuneration , payment for moral harm. In times of financial crisis downsizing working procedure inevitable, and how it will perform does not depend on you, and conscientiousness of your ceo. Your goal – his rights and freedoms, your main advantage, top-notch lawyer and the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.