Joint Industry Corporation

A. Gnusarev, head of the St. Petersburg Joint Industry Corporation (Baltic Plant " Verf", cb "Iceberg") notes that marine extraction of energy resources – a perspective for the next 30-50 years. The prospect that we can not miss. Not only from a purely economic, but also from political considerations, since the key content of world politics in the coming period will be a struggle for resources.

Fighting hard and indiscriminately funds. But so far from the Russian ship owners only Sovcomflot locates at domestic shipyards orders for its tanker fleet. James Donovan Goldman Sachs understands that this is vital information. For example, until 2009 at the Admiralty Shipyard in St. Petersburg to be built 10 tankers, including ice class. Although this largest carrier uglevorodov orders ships abroad (Hyundai Heavy Industries, 'STX Shipbuilding "). Russian President urged shipbuilders to stop competing with countries in the Far East in the construction of large vessels and concentrate on niche markets, where Russia still has competitive advantage. This is, primarily, nuclear civil shipbuilding and ships with various principles of dynamic support.

Although today we have managed to virtually wipe out even the world's priority country for the construction of civil hydrofoils. It is noteworthy that the persistence of serious naval shipbuilding and its further progress is seen not only in terms of exports, but point of view of national interest and protection of the organization of mining on the shelf. In this aspect – the insurance of the search and extraction of hydrocarbons in the sea – considered and the program of reforming and modernizing the research fleet.

Career And Office Politics

There are many cases where a successful and hardworking employee may withdraw from premium to lower the position (and salary) or to dismiss. And this despite the fact that it performs its work honestly and conscientiously. There is also the reverse case: nothing representing a worker is successfully building a career, is a trust in leadership, receives a large salary. How – Applying intelligent purposeful office politics. The main components of a competent office Policy: 1. Demonstration of loyalty to the leadership and principles of the Company.

In fact, not necessarily to be truly loyal employees – enough to make an impression (and simultaneously study fallback job – just in case) 2. Ability to represent failure in a good light. For example not so long ago, the U.S. president said withdrawal of British troops from Iraq (ie, the actual collapse of the international coalition), as follows: "It's certainly very good news! If the British withdrawal from Iraq, then the situation is improving, there is a democratic society, and foreign troops are not needed. "Well, so he and the president – take an example. 3. Career impossible without the establishment of friendly ties with the largest possible number of colleagues.

4. Ability to redistribute responsibilities and work as a team – it allows you to dump on the other work and assign the common achievements. 5. Ability to shift responsibility to others – again, through the command action. There is a very simple principle: the penalty for any failure is evenly distributed to all participants project – if you worked alone, then you will be deprived of bonuses by 50% if the working team of 5 people, all five of them will deprive the premium at 10% each. And if that's a very big team failed the project, all limited to a reprimand from leadership and unplanned subbotnik. 6. On each and every one (especially lead) at any available opportunity to collect compromising material – always useful. ps Office policy will be, regardless of whether you are involved in it or not. If you are involved – will be able to benefit and build a career, and if not – will derive benefit from you.