All moral decadence and severity of problems of our time, as terrorism, violence against women and children, family breakdown and family ties are the result of some who are striving to build the life and the world back to God, against God himself. " But none of this is new. The confrontation between the temporal and the timeless is a discrepancy that has always existed and that I would say that is consistent with the hitherto reduced ability to understand the human race. It is the harmony of disharmony that is part of a whole. It is inconceivable the existence of good without the presence evil. And on this view-that Heraclitus tells us that we find the grandeur of the intelligence that governs all things, through all things. Starting from a situation peculiar to the feudal era that shows the conflict between the Church and the world, it's easy to shed light on many events of this. The real drama, Eliot puts it in the chorus of "important women in his work, representing the people who try to avoid confrontation and was happy with the bad life of quiet, the stability of instability. We, the disengaged Catholics who represent the chorus of women who do not want in any way that Becket return from exile, not by contempt for his figure-the Church, but by bad omens for accommodating approach to the situation accounts established in this case, the need to look in the mirror and see reflected in the same embarrassingly, the selfishness of our ethical and moral relaxation and lack of commitment to the values that supposedly claims to represent.