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Low diffusion occurred in the media the fact that since a few months, two or three before you close the 2011, the General Assembly of the United Nations will urge to create and develop public policies that had the purpose of generate happiness in citizens and/or inhabitants of countries members of that organization. In the particular case of Mexico, in various surveys on happiness, the country comes out very good stippling, i.e. that, despite high rates of criminality that prevail in the country and economic inequality that exists, which makes that in the country there is a fairly high percentage of poverty; Mexican citizens are mostly happy. But that doesn’t mean that because there are public policies to encourage this important factor, but is more a cultural issue which implies that Mexicans have a joyful spirit. However, if the Federal Government encouraged the different orders of Government to create public policies based on the happiness, is almost evident that in the surveys the country would be better profiled, and it could be said that this would involve other positive factors, such as: greater citizen participation, greater incentives of citizens to respect the laws and generate behaviors environment to a culture of legality. The above would create a more prosperous environment and generate a positive view about the work of the nation. Therefore, we can say that it seems very logical that this UN emphasizing the pursuit of happiness as a public policy capable of changing the current pace of the Nations, generating greater social, economic development and political (encouraging own citizen participation in Government work).

Visas United

Travellers who less come to the United States by tourism or businesses by 90 days or, and than come from described countries, will be able to visit the United States without a visa if they reunite to the requirements of the program Waiver Visa. At the moment, 35 countries participate in the Program Waiver Visa, as it is next: Program Waiver Visa Countries that participate to Andorra Iceland Norway Au stralia Ireland Portugal Austria Itali to San Marino Belgium Japan Singapore Brunei Latvia Slovakia Czech Republic Liechtenstein Slovenia Denmark Lithuania Estonian South Korea Luxembourg Spain Finland ia Malta Sweden France Monaco Sui za Germany Holland the United Kingdom Requisite Hungary New Zealand to describe for a visitor visa Exists specific requirements that are due to fulfill on the part of the candidates to describe for a visitor visa, under the provisions of the Act of Immigration and Nationality. The consular office in the embassy or consulate will determine if you describe for the visa. The presumption in the new law is that each candidate for a visa of visitor a The United States is a potential immigrant. Therefore, the candidates for visas of visitors must surpass that presumption demonstrating that: The objective of its trip is to enter the United States by businesses, pleasure or medical treatment; They glide to remain by a period of limited and specific time; They own bottoms sufficient to cover its expenses in the United States; They maintain social and economic bows abroad; and? They also own a residence by outside the United States and other binding bows that assure their return to the foreigner when his culminates seen.

The process of application for a visitor visa the petitioners for visas of visitors would have to apply in the Embassy or Consulate of the United States with jurisdiction in their place of residence. Nevertheless, the petitioners for visas can apply in any consular office of the United States in the outside, but it can be more difficult to satisfy the requirements if the process is carried out by outside the residence place. Nowadays the applications for visas are subject to a major revision degree that in the past, reason why is important to apply for its visa with good weather of anticipation to the departure date from its trip to the United States. As it leaves from the process of application for visas, it is necessary to carry out an interview in the consular section of the embassy. The interview is necessary for all the petitioners that they have between 14 and 79 years, with very few exceptions. The smaller people of 13 years and majors of 80, do not require an interview generally, unless the embassy or asks for it explicitly to consulate.

The first passage in the process of application for a visa is to request the appointment for the interview. The time of delay for the appointment can vary, reason why he is very recommendable to apply ahead of time for the visa. It learns how to program an appointment for an interview, to pay the application tariff, to review specific instructions of each embassy much more and, entering the page Web of the Embassy or Consulate of the United States where it will carry out his application. During the process of application for the visa, normally during the interview, a digital track will be taken him quickly from digital form. Some applications for visa require more administrative processing, which requires of an additional time after the interview done by the Consular Official.