San Lorenzo

It is very useful to compare directories of hostels search services that offer lodgings, its date of construction, if they accept credit card or if they make discounts with the youth hostel card. A brief study comparative quality/price will help us to make the best decision. Inn or Youth Hostels hostels chains, for example, are very reliable. It is advisable to book ahead but in the tourist offices can help us find a place where overnight, that Yes, you will have fewer options. Rome is a large Museum in the open air. It is worth walking to see the main locations, but it is not more make use of the tourist bus (4 per day to 24 h) bond. We will easily reach places farther away as neighborhood of Trastevere, the Vatican or less exposed to tourism areas as the neighborhood of San Lorenzo or the Jewish quarter. It is in these areas where we can have breakfast classic cappuccino and Cornett at low price or enjoy tasty trancio of pizzas and taste them in cosy squares.

However, who wants not to see the works of Miguel Angel or the Colosseum?. To reduce the cost of these inevitable turistadas, that in many cases exceed 10, it is important that we come to Italy with the European youth card. You can also order in the main monuments the Charter Archeologica, that reduces the price of seven monuments to choose according to the route. With the same intention, we can start the morning with a visit to the traditional markets for food, such as the Piazza dell Unita (Risorgimento). There we will find the indispensable to prepare a picnic for lunch and to avoid getting lost in the streets in search of a cheap trattoria. By the end of the day the alternatives are many, but expensive. If we do not carry in Backpack our finery or don’t want to spend the saved us forget the night rhythm of the Center. The option that suits perhaps spend some time by the so-called Center socialli (such as Forte Prenestino Villagio Globale), initiated at the time by the squatter movement and are currently one of the largest sources of concerts and free exhibitions of the city. By: Sony Lopez Sonia, Andrea and Almudena, are independent travelers that, before working as writers for HostelBookers toured several continents, discovering the wonders of their towns and villages. During his stay in Spain discovered variety of quality hostels and economic accomodation. Original author and source of the article