Barcelona Holidays

Sun, sea and relaxing on the beach Barceloneta One of the largest beaches in Barcelona is located in the area of Barceloneta. Its total length is about 1.100 meters. Among other things, this beach is one of the longest existing all over city. The beach is located near the metro station Barceloneta (L4) and stop a number of bus lines. In this regard, the majority of people come here, mostly by public transport. Especially popular beach of Barceloneta enjoys among foreign tourists.

Because of its considerable size on this beach were many opportunities for recreation, eg three volleyball courts and a playground for tick-taka to the hospital Hospital del Mar. By proximity so-called gas mole in the western part of the beach, located playground, table tennis and fitness. It is also worth mentioning the so-called beach center located in the space below arcades near Hospital Hospital del Mar. In the center you can find many useful information on outdoor activities almost all year, primarily from June to September. Barceloneta Beach is one of those places to offer their services to beach Library , which gives the opportunity to spend time on the beach while reading and resting. Barcelona Zoo Barcelona Zoo is located in the Ciutadella Park (Parque de la Ciudadela). He has more than 100 years. It is home to a total of 7.500 instances of animals over 400 different species. 1966 and 2003 the zoo was a real star, the only known in the world albino gorilla named Snowflake (Copito de Nieve).

National Socialists

Each year at parades and proclamations masses of people forced to believe in the regime and their "Fuehrer." Propagandists had staged a "people's community". Military camps were similar to the rituals of mobilization. It all ended preparation for war To handle the consciousness of so many people wanted a fitting stage. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Steve Rattner. And it was planned. Albert Speer, Hitler's court architect, to the south of the city planned to build a number of objects: the so- called "German Stadium", designed for 400,000 spectators, for the Nazi activities, two kilometers "Big Street" for parades Wehrmacht, "The March field" for the show fighting the Nazi Army. It was built very "Field Zeppelin" with the main grandstand in the spirit of the Pergamon Altar. Construction of the Hall of Congresses (planned capacity: 50,000 persons) were suspended with the outbreak of World War ii. But, nevertheless, this massive, clad in granite torso, is now the largest preserved monumental building since the National Socialists.

For a long time at Nuremberg did not know how to treat this obvious "witnesses" the Nazi era. It was decided to give them a look through the use of civilian buildings for ordinary purposes, which should remove the original aura of these buildings. Some steps have already been taken in the mid 70's began rethinking events. The result was his exhibition "Fascination and Violence" at the rostrum of the Zeppelin. Since 1985, visitors began to get here a little information, mostly about the history of the area of the National Socialists and only in the summer months.

Moscow Guide

Brief description of sights of Moscow, Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral and Lenin's mausoleum on Red Square, a walk and see all the splendor of color domes St. Basil's Cathedral and say 'Hi' ageless Lenin. Nothing will speak about Russia is better than Red Square. Kremlin next to Red Square is the Kremlin, which operates outside the Russian President. Over the Kremlin wall towering gold-domed Dome churches and cathedrals. The Kremlin is the Armoury Chamber and Diamond Fund – the main repository of historical values of Russia.

Christ the Saviour Cathedral was originally built in 1839 – 1883's to commemorate the Russian victory over Napoleon, was destroyed on Stalin's orders. Then in its place there was an outdoor pool. And in 1997 the Temple was restored. Now it is a cathedral in Russia. Monument to Peter the height of 94.5 meters (twice the Statue of Liberty), a statue of Peter First rises on the Moskva River. Monument visible from almost anywhere in Moscow.

Museum of Fine Arts. Pushkin Museum, Moscow's main foreign art. The first known thanks to a remarkable collection of works of the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists, European art and works of the Renaissance. Among the well-known authors are represented here Gaudi, Monet, Van Gogh, Degas, Picasso, Renoir and many others. State Historical Museum The museum presents all the unique history of Russia from the Stone Age to the present day. Gorky Park A great place to not hear the noise of the city. In the park Gorky is and lakes, and many restaurants and cafes.

Tver Region Starica

Bayou – one of the oldest cities of Tver land, beautifully situated on both banks of the Volga River in its upper reaches. Bayou located 75 km from Tver on the eastern edge of the Valdai Hills. The city surrounds a typical Central Russian nature, characterized by the Valdai Hills, the hills, with beautiful views of the forests, streams, and meadows. Location Staritsa example of how well our ancestors were able to choose sites for settlements. Richard Blumenthal gathered all the information. The original castle stood high on a promontory, and now from this height a magnificent view over Staritsa and its surroundings.

Starica officially founded in 1297, but according to recent archaeological discoveries, and to chronicle researchers 'new town' or 'Town on Staritsa' emerged in the second half of xiv century. Starica name is from the end of the century xv. The city's name comes from the river Staritsa flowing here in the Volga, and means' the old river bed. " However, There is a legend that the name 'Starica' comes from the sole survivor of an old woman after the defeat of the Mongols. But in any case, Starica emerged as a fortress in the Tver principality. Important strategic location of the fortress and profitable trade route from Kiev to Novgorod repeatedly generate conflict between Moscow and Tver. Since 1485 Starica along with all the Tver principality always forms part of a state. After the death of Ivan iii Starica became the lot of his son, Andrew, received the nickname – Starytskyi. When it began actively building the prince's palace and monastery, and after the accession of the young Ivan iv, the construction continued Vladimir Starytskyi.

Recreation Center

Vacation on the Volga River – a beautiful nature, fishing and swimming in summer, skiing and evenings by the fireplace in winter. Beautiful nature makes each unique recreation center on the Volga. Downstream recreation can be combined with medication. Here, in Ulyanovsk, Samara and Saratov regions and Tatarstan, there are many resorts and recreation complexes. Recreation center on the Volga River in its lower course – is not only a wonderful nature, but almost unlimited opportunities for an active pastime, and, above all, for fishing. Especially good place is the delta of the Volga, and fishermen from one year to gather in the region of , where services for the organization of fish Fishing offers each recreation center. Volga is poured on 500 channels, tubes and small rivers, forming the largest river delta in Europe. These places are famous not only fish, but the unique flora and fauna.

However, and middle Volga no less beautiful and abounding. Any recreation center here to offer winter and summer houses, almost everywhere there are saunas and baths, space and equipment required for sports. Here, as in the Volga delta, have opportunities for fishing, including ice fishing. A width of the river reaches forty kilometers. For example, a recreation center Byl "in the Ulyanovsk Volga spreads to forty-two miles. Recreation center on the Volga River most well-equipped and have a full range of amenities. Visitors are accommodated in cabins, wooden lodges or comfortable hotel rooms. Almost everywhere it is possible to stay on full or Partial pension (that is, with meals or two meals). Recreation center on the Volga often offer their customers a tour, not only in nature reserves, but also in the nearby town. Such services are particularly interesting if the recreation center is located near the historical monuments in Kostroma, Uglich, Yaroslavl, Volgograd.

Defensive System

Sharp deterioration of the Scythian-Chersonesus relations require major strengthening of the defensive system Kirkinitida. Nevertheless, the 40-ies of the ii century bc Scythians stormed and destroyed the city. Commander Diophantus To help Chersoneses king of Pontus Mithridates vi Evpator sends an army led by warlord Diophantus, who repelled the onslaught of the enemy and put him to flight. When the Scythians, to gather strength again threatened Chersonesos State Diophantus again led his men on them. Late autumn 1983 bc he mastered Kerkinitida and gave decisive battle the Scythians by the beautiful port (now the village. The Black Sea).

'Scythian Roksolana among nearly 50 000 could not withstand the 6,000 who were under the command of Diophantus' – wrote about this Greek historian Strabo. In honor of Diophantus Chersonesites installed it on a copper statue acropolis of the city. The name of an ancient hero has and the company that issued the handbook. Gibel Kirkinitida In subsequent decades, Hersonissos, guarding against the Scythians, constantly appealed for help to the kings of Pontus, and those lost their independence. In the iii century bc in the northern Black Sea coast, new strengths and cruel enemies – first the Goths, Huns and then.

Kerkinitida including many settlements were destroyed and the inhabitants killed or driven into slavery. Buried reserve no less sad and modern history of the excavations Kirkinitida. Another one of the first orders of the Revolutionary Committee of the Crimea in 1921, the Greater Quarantine has been declared a protected area, and then the decisions of Central Executive Committee and City Council Kerkinitida was assigned to Evpatoria state archaeological and ethnographic museum. It even breakdown of the garden was forbidden, not to mention the construction industry. But unknown ways a monument was included in the line of sanatorium Red Army, and 30-ies was to be built. Particularly detrimental to the ancient city was started in the 60-70-ies expansion of the Central Children's Sanatorium mo, conducted without any scientific surveys. Who are you, the heirs Kirkinitida? Historical science does not have precise information about what was in place Kirkinitida in the next ten centuries. Supposedly at the end of ix – beginning of xi century here there were settlers from the Kievan Rus, and then Polovtsy. Tatar-Mongol invaders, according to researchers, are wary of the sea and not be tied here.

Germany Travel Opportunities

Germany – one of the leading countries of the European Economic Community, is located in the northern part of central Europe. Germany has quite a few neighbors. The country borders on Poland, on the south-east Czechoslovakia, southern Germany shares borders with Austria and Switzerland in the south-west France, on the west by Luxembourg and Belgium, the north-west of the Netherlands and in northern Denmark. Germany – a tourist country inexhaustible variety. The nature of Germany is hardly monotonous. The country stretches from sea to mountains, from the low-lying areas along the Baltic coast and the North Sea to the snow-capped Bavarian Alps. Samples Architecture in Germany emphasize that diversity.

Can be found far away from the noise of the city rural house, the gloomy medieval castles, ancient walls protected the city and modern industrial center with large residential areas. A large number of small towns has kept the spirit of past centuries. Many of the centuries-old city transformed over time into modern. Nordic medieval brick buildings keep the memory of Hanseatic cities, which once ruled the seas. Located south of the old free imperial, episcopal city with its magnificent cathedrals, palaces and town halls.

At its stone language of architectural styles they announce a centuries-old economic importance of this country. Germany – Land of the huge tourist potential. Country nightlife, festivals and shopping. Country infinite number of resorts that give relaxation to those who are tired of the stress of modern life.

Good Cachaca

From it is doing and-loop straps that attach to the hammock for a special hook. Sometimes, for the manufacture of the hammock takes from three to five months! You’ll make an unforgivable mistake, If the Congress in Brazil and do not bring out the hammock, and a better couple to be, what to give to friends. Believe me, they appreciate such a gift. Unusual and nice souvenir can become a bottle Cachaca. In general, strictly speaking, Cachaca – is none other than as cane moonshine, but on the table it will look very exotic. Cachaca – an integral part of the culture of Brazil, so at the state level, it was decided to grant the status of commercial Cachaca names of hard liquor. Brazilians are clearly distinguished from Cachaca hacienda and factory production. Cachaca factory, of course, to get easier, but with Cachaca hacienda is more valuable.

It is made from crushed sugarcane, there is added to ferment corn flour, wheat bran, rice, soy or corn. Distillation of such Cachaca is carried out only in copper stills. Subsequently it is stored in wooden barrels. Industrial mode of production – more than a quick and easy, and stored in wooden casks factory Cachaca and not exposed. Good Cachaca resembles the taste of brandy or whiskey, and in color – a weak tea with lemon. Cachaca also used in a special cocktail – Caipirinha. Learn how to cook it quite easy – you need lime, sugar, ice and, in fact, Cachaca.

So if your friends or yourself, do not like hard liquor (and Cachaca on degrees approximately smooth “our” vodka), then you can surprise all original and delicious cocktail. But connoisseurs of alcoholic beverages can think of to draw attention to the rum. And, of course, Brazil – a recognized leader in the production of coffee. It was she who sets the tone for meeting the needs of the planet that drink. It began to grow coffee in the early xvi century. Brazil supplies the coffee for all tastes. Brazilian coffee relatively inexpensive. So there will, from which to choose a gift for the true coffee connoisseurs. Yes and no harm will fall at a few packages of good Brazilian coffee. I want to warn you that in almost every part of Brazil traveler may stumble upon a proposal to buy at a very cheap price with a monkey, parrot, or even some livestock. To do so in any case is impossible, as to remove the animal from a country without a whole heap of references, approvals and quarantines you are unlikely to succeed. In general, it is considered a crime in Brazil heavier armed robbery! The same is true of traditional Indian jewelry from the feathers of exotic birds, shells armadillos, wild jaguar and similar materials. Produce such things for their “internal” needs families, leading a traditional lifestyle is permitted in any amount, but sell them Indians have the right only under special state licenses, and then only to cultural institutions – museums and so on. Of course a pity that you will not be able to bring all of Brazil, to take all The local curios. But even the smallest of their part can affect anyone, but their purchase will give you great pleasure.

Visiting Cyprus

If you are not fan of alcoholic drinks, a pleasant gift for connoisseurs can serve the Cypriot wine. It has a distinctive flavor. Incidentally, in some varieties of Greek wines to “enhance” the fortress added. However, the Cypriot wine is already strong enough – nature has not cheated the sun, this wonderful island. In particular, wine Commandaria.

Cypriots say that this is exactly what wine with which Jesus Christ performed once bloodless sacrifice. Scientific evidence of this fact is not, but truly know that “Commandaria” is produced already in the eleventh century, before the split of Christianity. Later, the Cyprus wine production occurred exclusively in the walls of monasteries under the control of the Turks. From the abundance of varieties preserved only “Commandaria, moreover, is preserved in its original form. Taste of the class differs slightly sweet notes and astringency, making it favorite drink in many countries. Incredible, but gifts from Cyprus can easily be not only aesthetically pleasing decorative purposes, but also practical. For example, chess! A great gift for your loved ones. In addition to the already order podnadoevshih, souvenir chess pieces in the form ryumochek, you can find chess, where the figures are characters in Greek mythology.

Figures in bronze as well as from cheaper materials. Visiting Cyprus You‘ll learn that a figure-a symbol of the island is the donkey. Usually, the significance of this character relates to the spread of Christianity. The donkey is a perfect gift for the little ones. Plush friend can be purchased at any gift shop. In addition to toys, you’ll find a great variety of clothing and household items with an image of the Cyprus donkey. If lucky enough to visit the town of Paphos (by the way, “pathos” of the Greek language is translated as “passion”), do not forget to buy a souvenir figurine of Aphrodite. It was here, according to legend, she was born from the foam. You may not be fortunate enough to meet Aphrodite, it may happen that you do not have in mind Cypriot wine In any case, the impression of staying in Cyprus will be one of the most exciting and vibrant in your life!

Croatia – A Nice Holiday

Every year more and more becoming a popular vacation villas abroad. On the most beautiful coasts and azure Atlantic, Pacific oceans to relax our countrymen. Cote d'Azur, the coast of Cyprus and Tenerife coast of Italy and Sicily, the coast of Greece take on lease coastal villas and apartments in the castle, bungalow, townhouse or just a house or cottage in a small village. Each pursues one goal and tighter – well rest. Most rental houses for young couples or married couples who have decided to retire and spend their honeymoon away from people close to the sea and nature. Young people prefer a small island with a pristine nature.

For example, a very popular villa Italy, villas in Bali, as well as villas in Tenerife. Property in Italy ask our fellow countrymen are not so often and so much as in other European countries. While buying a house or apartment in Italy is much cheaper than in Spain. But a call to a real estate agency with the words: – I am interested in 'Italy vacation' can be heard more often than buying real estate. Why is that? The fact that building materials and resources for the construction in Italy are much cheaper in the country. Italy adequately owns its building materials. As you can see a favorable environment in the property market in Italy, plus a convenient location of the country, as well as favorable climatic conditions favor the development of the rental market in Italy. Another huge plus for the niche rental villa Italy is the fact that in Italy is very convenient and relatively simple procedure of registration of documents in real estate transactions: whether it's buying property in Italy, or rent villa Italy. In a particular case, the agency engaged in leasing in Italy or Croatia are ready provide all the comprehensive and exhaustive information on each interested you object. You only need to choose.