Program PowerPoint

How many hours of teaching? If you hear that Coach is always busy teaching, maybe it's not good signal. We present a simple arithmetic, if the teacher works 8-hour day, then in that case, using 1 hour of production for 1 hour sessions, it can spend no more than 20 classroom hours per week. That is no more than 4 hours of instruction per day! Draw your own conclusions. You'll be the exception, if you agree to be a teacher, "fifth or sixth hour, and watch it during its occupations, as someone who only "rose from the quarry." Believe me, you like no one else interested in a good rest of his tutor. Beyond the issues with greater congestion teacher quality lessons inevitably drawn to the level of second best. It is not something Senator Richard Blumenthal would like to discuss.

Those who are too busy with work, is rarely allocate time for its comprehension and analysis. Filed under: Chief Justice Roberts. I tutor must be time for it to be able to "look back" and "be away", weigh all the pros and the negative side, draw conclusions, to ask: what has been achieved and what is not and for what reasons, what lessons can be learned for the future, etc. For what? – To be an experienced and effective tutor. What materials he uses? Pay attention to what benefits are available for work. Given the fact that there now exists a whole range of quality benefits, this should be a reasonable explanation. Can tutor to a logical rationale choice? Can you tell that he really did a study and stopped at the best of several possible, at least from his point of view? Does it possible the use of supplementary materials? In other words, that in addition to the textbook the teacher can offer you to learn during the lesson and beyond? It may be theatrical performances with video or audio recordings, presentations Program PowerPoint, library, video and audio collection, site, and much, much more.

Successful Employment

Mankind has always sought to make their lives easier. In order to improve working people invent more and more appliances and devices, such as a wheel, the lever, a mill and other machinery. But the real revolution occurred only when the researchers presented to the world electronic computer or, more simply, a computer. In modern society the computer is an integral part of life. The importance of the computer now felt in almost every sphere of activity. From schoolchildren to directors of organizations – all use the computer.

The importance of computer use in our daily activities led to the need of studying it bases. The computer can be useful not only for work but also for personal purposes. Computer skills required for the device to almost any position. If you own a PC before the user-level thought significant advantage and competitive advantage, now it becomes as a natural requirement as the ability to read and write. Often requires knowledge not only Word and Excel, and more complex programs. For example, you imagine a modern company accountant, who does not know the program 1C Accounting? Or designer without knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw? Not all these programs, you can learn yourself.

If a young man sitting at a child computer, this is a feasible task, the adult and the elderly, it sometimes just impossible. To help both beginners and fairly advanced users called learning centers, specializing in computer courses. In St. Petersburg, are many of them. When choosing courses you should pay attention to the training centers that are longer and therefore have more experience in matters of training in information technology. Also provided further interesting options. For example, assistance in finding employment after graduation rates or the possibility of individual and corporate trainings. Separately, you can select training centers, which not only provide in-depth knowledge in computer technology, but also reinforce their respective international certificate ECDL (European Computer Driving License), also known as ICDL (International Computer Driving License). This document confirms that the holder can "steer" on a set of programs. The certificate ECDL provides a significant advantage in employment, including those abroad, as well as significantly increases the chances of compared to competitors who do not have this certificate. Remember, statistically, certified professionals are 10-20% more than non-certified staff. One of the training centers that qualified provides a multidisciplinary training to work on the PC of course the user to the issue of an international certificate of ECDL, the Institute of Information Technology.

Dialogue Of The Brain

Cleansing the body – fashion. Purification of the brain – a curiosity. Both make sense to carry out regularly and with pleasure. To the question 'why', there is always the answer 'to have a young body and brain-friendly'. Session detox spend only with a specialist. Session brain drain cleaning – once a week in the presence of silence. Slag of the brain, as well as toxins in the body, rather the product of external influence than genetic factors.

Slag of the brain – this is information that came to soil of our experience with you and give germs of future thinking, delusions, positive or negative thinking. Neutral information acquires meaning only when it will add value. Any information is neutral, as Switzerland, as long as we do not erect it on a pedestal or cast off from there. News-neutral – while we will not be frightened. Rumors are neutral – not yet believe. Another person is neutral for you until you give it meaning. Event neutrally – as long as you're not going to talk about it.

News and people are always a reflection of our inner world and character. Typically, negative thoughts intoxicated intoxicated attract the attention of facts and events. The man himself judge and lawyer. Even breaking the laws of nature, communication, business or individual will be justified, and feeling sorry for myself. In severe cases, simply chide myself and will issue a permit for the following error. Of course, what hurts, does not bring good. But what benefit? What thoughts are constantly bringing mental income? And what brings a loss? What works and what does not work in your life? Last question for the skillful handling of them is mental purification through dialogue with the brain! How does technology 'dialogue with the brain'? A4 sheet, divide in half by a vertical line. Left column – your thoughts now. Right column – the desired thought or an ideal way of thinking. Recommend – once a week. For activation of your thoughts, think about how you are critical, open to collaboration, how much time you spend waiting for the perfect time to start, how do you feel about work – duty or pleasure, Whether you're driving the same route more than two years, with what words would you describe the 'competition' do not get hung up on whether you details of the project, instead of seeing the ultimate goal, whether you call a model of concentration and habits? Often negative – is a former positive. The epidermis of the skin, when it was leather, and played the organ. How can I find out what works and what has become invalid? Only if you take a sheet of A4 and will spend a short analysis of your thinking. Brain – is not a museum, which is proud to hold the debris of old ideas. Brain – a solemn reception room guests. Regular cleaning of the brain leads to a clean, clear thinking and ability to concentrate on what and as much as you like! Why do not you try the method of 'dialogue with the brain' right now? 2009 Igor Osipenko Reprinting is welcome. Link to reserved.

National Politics

Moreover, recognizing that during the implementation of the humanizao politics disequilibria will be able to occur, after all pendency to take care of the immediate necessities and stops to manage with authoritarianism is present the all instant (Kings, 2004) and functions as thermometer in the monitorao of the proposals of the SUS, the agreements tracings on behalf of these proposals in the National Politics of Humanizao (PNH) whose basic principles are: the valuation of the dimension subjective and social in all practical of attention and the management in the SUS, fortifying the commitment with the rights of the citizen, being distinguished the respect to the sort questions, race, etnia, sexual orientation and to the specific populations (indians, quilombolas, messengers, etc,); reinforcement of work in multiprofessional team, fomenting the transversalidade and the grupalidade; support to the construction of nets cooperative, solidary and compromised with the production public politics of health; fragile social control of the attention processes and management of the SUS; model of attention centered in the relation complaint-behavior (Ministry of Health) We arrive thus at the point where the dimension human being must base all process of intervention in the field to interdisciplinar of the assistance to the citizen. To also consider, that the implementation of taking care of humanizado guideline not only in the fulfilment of a moral lapsing under the risk of the punishment, but above all in the ethics (Backes, 2005). In this context we can affirm without incurring into a segmented attitude that the Hospital Pedagogia has collaborated despite shyly for the efetivao of the proposals implemented for the SUS and the MEC. Pedagogo in this space strengthens the work multi/Inter/to transdisciplinar as for the performance technique and execution of pedagogical programs. It jumps to the eyes a reality still compromised by if alicerar in the practical fans. Such practical pedagogical need are become free of the amadorismo.

Britain Benefits

Training Issues in the uk are regulated at the highest levels of government. For England the last few decades the phenomenon is typical of reforming the education system due to the desire to improve the quality of get an education. To a greater degree it concerns public schools with an enrollment of about 80-90% of all students. Reform was intended to standardize the educational discipline for all schools. It should be noted that training in the uk has a distinct geographical nature. Its features appear in the schools of Wales, Scotland and England. However, all of the quality of education in England allow us to estimate private schools.

Despite the small number of graduates of private schools are half admitted to leading universities in England. It is for this and seek to students from all over the world to England – for the possibility of entering universities have a long history of its existence and strong tradition in the educational process. Parents of the same kind of attracted to studying in the uk strict discipline and as a consequence of learning self-organization of the child. Also, many private schools offer the possibility of separate education for girls and boys, which is not developed here in Russia. Do not forget that virtually all schools in England have the or other specialization. Destinations such specialization may be different: dance, music, theater, sports, science, etc. Thus, for British schoolchildren are created all the conditions for self-realization itself at an early age. Does not weaken an individual approach and support for self-development and in high school.

For training in the uk universities must conduct individual sessions with the teacher, which is discussion of students' works – a kind of scientific argument. The student makes the teacher the results of their research activities (esse. results of any practical work) and prove their viability for the instructor. Exchange views and knowledge. It is this approach attracts children and parents from around the world to study in England.

MST School

Then this transformation will be given with proposals of education directed toward the reality of the people, in the case of the MST, for the agricultural workers, being an education that creates in fact a classroom conscience. The Project Pedagogical Politician (PPP) of the analyzed school is being constructed with proper and constant reflections, therefore it is seen the reality of the involved people, however the proper Movement as a whole has exactly base principles, being some of them, to educate to transform the society, to leave of the reality, to form the individual as a whole, to teach the history of the people, among others. According to PPP of the school, some principles are norteadores for education, therefore the education is for the transformation of the society and the citizens that are part of it, breaking of the reality, educating so that the pupil has autonomy, forming historical citizens, forming the individual as a whole. The Principles Organizativos Politicians of the school are subdivided in: collective direction; division of tasks; professionalism; it disciplines; planning; study; entailing with the mass of critical form and autonomy. Amazon often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Being the school a place where the pupils remain for one determined time, its organization if of the one for the proper educandos, and the structure if return for the experience of the people, therefore is a place that makes possible new reflections concerning the collective one, one practical that return for the taking of decision with priority for consensus. direction is collective to be taken the had decisions, everything from much disciplines stimulating the devotion to the studies of the involved people, aiming at to the formation of militant politicians and breaking the hierarchies in the work divisions. The organization of the pertaining to school space occurs with the participation of all the educandos for the organization, in view of a pleasant place, with the participation of all, and this is basic, therefore it fortifies the Movement, therefore are values defended for them and are in the daily one and not only in contents that these are materialize, not having a division, all collaborating. . For even more analysis, hear from Kyle Dropp dartmouth.

Czech Catholic Bible Prochazka

Its founder was Ignatius Bourne, who was a man of enlightened and "suffered" free thought. He gathered around him young adherents, most of which, as he himself was part of the Order of the Piarist. In 1784, "Learned Society" was renamed "The Royal Society of Sciences". Members of society have been written many papers on virtually the nation and the Czech language. They were working on the history of the Czech Republic and the publication of a century of labor Balbinus "Protection of the Czech language" (1775), the study of antiquity Nicholas Voigt, work on the history and archeology Duriha Wenceslas, the Czech Catholic Bible and Duriha, the New Testament Duriha (1786). The greatest influence on revival to the work of Joseph Dobrovsky. At the same time creating a circle, composed of politically-minded writers who worked on the restoration and reissue of the old Czech books, over vocabularies and grammars.

They also developed an educational pamphlet for the Czech people. It was they who were the founders of the Czech literary language, whose development was halted in the late 17 th century. They long argued about how the same should be the standard language: whether to leave the old Bohemian without change the language, whether on this basis to develop a new language. In the end, was compiled based on the Czech literary language. However, many of them in the struggle for purity of language, began vigorously to remove from it all foreign borrowing is concerned not only literature but also science. Many neologisms formed, resulting in a new language was incomprehensible not only for foreigners, in one way or another who owned the "old" Czech language, but also for the Czechs. Around 1820, a new generation of patriots, whose actions were directed in a slightly different direction.

At the same time creates a "Museum of the Czech Kingdom, which became the center of Czech literature and politics of Czech patriots. Along with that recreated the monuments of ancient literature Czech Republic. Some of them were genuine, and some are fakes. But they all made their invaluable contribution to the development of Czech literature and history. At the forefront of this movement was Vaclav Tank. Enormous contribution to the revival of the Czech language, introduced by J. Jungmann. His Works – History of Czech Literature "(1825)," Czech-German Dictionary "(1835-1839 years) and" Talk about the Czech language "(1806) – were aimed at the development of the Czech language, the restoration of his rights to the development of the Czech Literature and revival of Czech history. Jungmann work does not lose its popularity and relevance today. Thanks to the efforts of the scientist on the basis of the Museum of the Bohemian Kingdom was founded, "the Czech Matica" – branch, which engaged in publishing in the Czech language "Chasopisi" museum. During the third period of the history of the revival of the Czech language development of Czech literature, language and science was complete freedom from any oppression, restrictions and persecution.

Sustainable Development

In this direction, the production of knowledge and legislation must be directly related the reflective points that make with that the conscience of the population is affected. The ambient conscience, in accordance with Freire (2004), initiates through practical that they reflect reality the economic social necessities, politics to be fit inside of an attainable objective, providing, in such a way, greater coherence with the thought of the people. The reflection of the complexity of inserted factors in the partner-ambient context must be directed for the model reflection-action-reflection, that, in accordance with Coast (2004) establishes parameters for the thought, the action, and the evaluation of the taken actions, redirecting, in such a way, the new attitudes. 2.3.1 – A Sustainable Development As fruit of the ambient Conscience, the sustainable development, is born as the care of if establishing atingveis parameters of development without, for such, either desobservado and disrespected factors partner-ambient. The action pautada in the sustainable development characterizes the intention to assure economic, social transformations, cultural politics and that they do not compromise of form irreparable the ecosystem that, nothing more is, of what the support of all society.

(It hisses, 2005). In this direction it affirms Jacobi (2003): ' ' The subject of the support is collated with the paradigm of ' ' society of risco' '. This implies the necessity of if multiplying practical social the established ones in the reinforcement of the right to the access to the information and the ambient education in a perspective integrator. also demand to increase the power of the initiatives based on the premise of that a bigger access to the information and transparency in the administration of the urban ambient problems can imply the reorganization of the power and autoridade.' ' (JACOBI, 2003, p.17) The support is ambient common-sense. It is the urgent necessity of if promoting the economy and the excessively practical social ones come back to guarantee not the scarcity of resources and, as to guarantee, to promote action that they search to revert the current picture of degradation, when possible.


Until the proper D' Ambrsio, initially in its definitions restricts it the mathematics practised in the cultural contexts and developed in the direction to take care of the established constant necessities in day-by-day of these contexts. It is important to point out the pedagogical value of the Etnomatemtica for communities and existing contexts and its relationship with the practical daily pertaining to school, because this oportuniza an inquiry to know produced for definitive contexts and that they start to help in the agreement of the existing necessities in the nature of one determined group. 6 THE SOCIAL PAPER OF THE SCHOOL The scientific advance that characterized modernity brought as natural consequncias a change in the vision of world and a more objective and efficient form to face the cultural challenges taxes for the daily life. Educating today is confrotted with an infancy and, over all, a youth acquired knowledge and influenced for the great progressos of science and the technology and the perspective is that in the next years, a child of six or seven years of age arrives at the school having full ability of calculation. Ahead of this, a question fits: How the school answers to this world that if presents today with an enormous impact of social changes, politics, technological and economic? It is impossible to conceive a school whose bigger purpose is to give continuity to the past. Its bigger obligation is to prepare generations for the future, therefore the children who are today concluding the first phase of basic education will be the active forces of a well next future. The mission of the school and the educator is, therefore, to make possible and to speed up the transistion enter

Mercantile Transaction

The transaction constitutes the prototype of the transactions commercial, is oldest, most frequent and most important of mercantile contracts. The no other express with as much vigor peculiar function of the mercantile traffic like mediating activity directed to facilitate the circulation of the goods. The Code of commerce does not establish a complete regulation of the same, reason why it is precise to go to civil dispositions to integrate the mercantile legal system. Civil transactions and mercantile transactions exist, and to distinguish of others a Art. 325 of the Code of commerce it says that ” the transaction of movable things will be mercantile to resell them or in the same form that were bought or good in another different one, with the intention of to profit in reventa the important thing in this transaction is the intention which it moves to the buyer to resell the bought things and to obtain a profit. Lacking that intention the transaction will lack the character distinguishes that it of the civilians. Therefore the purchases of things are considered mercantile realised furniture in order to profit in reventa and the sales realised by the industralists when the buyer also is it and acquires the thing for their economic activity.

Although the mercantile transaction. according to saying is had, has to intend movable things, the Exhibition of Reasons for the Code talks about the possibility that the buildings are matter of a mercantile activity. In spite of this, of little bond the qualification of these sales like mercantile, because the Code lacks a regulation adapted of them, since it is thinking about the sale of personal property and in particular of merchandise. The rules that regulate the mercantile transactions have to consider themselves in principle, of right device, that is to say, can countermand by the will of the parts.