Venezuela and Power

Venezuela has outpaced the major projects now regarded with a mischievous smile that expresses bewilderment, isolation and even ridicule for having conceived. The answer is pragmatism, one that can not be read as a denial of the Utopian, rather as the trigger of an imagination without rails, tubing or braces of orthodoxy. Pragmatism with ideas that claim as alternate engine to conceive Venezuelan movement as a new challenge to man as subject and actor of culture, like that-as has so often been said, that tries to trace. In politics we got the key factor of uncertainty. The policy was sold out and with it a clearly preferred, namely democracy, leaving a vacuum present. The power vacuum has been made, ie, useless, dragging the struggles to get it, of course in any process of degradation. You do not look at the political forms of social organization as a paradigm pop sow the possibility of a goal to achieve.

Wrapper seems to lack the ideas become praxis performed. We have lived with spasms or convulsions without getting a new protective packaging. There is a lack of exciting challenges. The Venezuelan living the harrowing consequences of failure. Perhaps as we’ve never left behind the past without a present attractive. The absence of necessary truths proclaimed as the reinvention of Venezuela, one who is torn between a resigned look and a fear so far untranslatable into creative action. The imminent danger is that totalitarian power that takes advantage of the uncertainty.