The Conductor

Viewing platforms fenced grid-bathe in it impossible. Captivates, catches sight of his raging beauty, strength, power, irresistible. In the lake piled a small island. Waterfall rages loudly … and it's time …

Sit in the car and drive to the next waterfall, Gimeno-2. The road to it lies through the town at which to go just right. The road itself will take you out of town. Further, it is getting worse and worse, the rate of not particularly developed. Directions have 40 minutes before, going higher and higher, you're in town.

One of the houses stands a shield, "Welcome to the waterfall Gimeno-2!" It turns out that the national park here, slowly but ennobled. Constructed railings along the paths, benches, a road in some places laid out the steps. At the entrance you offer a guide. Log into the national park costs 100 pesos per person. Conductor and a bottle of water included. Our names and ethnicity is recorded in the log (first thought – in case you suddenly do not return). Judging by the records, few tourists come here, and so there are no Russian. First, the conductor shows us a waterfall from the point of departure. He it seems so far away, but very beautiful! And then, for 40 minutes, we narrow down, sliding under the feet of the abundant pine trails. Our guide moves very quickly, I try to keep up those pictures beauty that opened before us. Along the way he talks (in Spanish, of course), what work will be carried out over the park. Finally we have in place. Insanely beautiful! Impassable jungle and suddenly …. Where no penny, a sandy clearing and vodopad.Kak oasis! Cool water. Crazy like a swim. And we swim in a small pond at the waterfall, which like the previous one, leaves in a river. Waterfalls tightens for themselves! The conductor says that during the rainy season swim here is very dangerous. The flow of water is so powerful. Lead us away from here is impossible! Conductor misses one and a half hours. Near the waterfall there is a small cave, but it is very much appreciated. We regret we come back. The return journey more difficult as we go up the hill. Water squelching in sneakers, but we are impressed and very happy. Admiring the beauty that surrounds us. Thank conductor, sit in the car and drive. On the way, very comfortable with komedory pointed roofs. In one of these delicious lunch meat soaked in a sweet pink sauce, and along the road to buy several packages of strawberries. Already dusk, we nourish home, promising to return soon to explore the waterfalls Constance.