The Internal Phenomena Of The Border States

Border. Border pathology characterized by diffuse boundaries of the individual. As a result of processes occurring with the person in therapeutic work, the boundaries of being completed or newly restored. Feeling the appearance of a man of personal boundaries is similar to the feeling that he's got something very beautiful, for example, expensive fur coat. Besides the fact that awareness of the presence of boundaries is perceived as something very beautiful, it is More and a new sense of "dressed". A man with diffuse (permeable, blurred) boundaries feels 'naked' naked, as if standing in the cold, wind-through in the nude. Or as if in room with windows without glass. And the first time after a person discovers the existence of borders, ie the presence of "clothing", "coat", it is in contact with other attempts to again "unbutton his coat," take off "clothes", that is to return to the merger, because of habit, thinking that it ensures the safety of the merger.

In fact, the true safety of a person give his borders, their skill builds the. A merger is like samozabytyu, "delirium" when person is, but does not realize not feel like there is an imaginary lichnost.To safety, security, psychological partial non-existence. The next stage in the awareness of the boundaries may become the "epiphany" that coat in contact can not remove completely, and undo a couple buttons make it easier to talk and gesticulate. Or remove the coat, but not for long as we throw down with all my clothes during sex, but after the close, we always dress again.


So you’ve decided on a little bit, what you really want. Do not worry because of what your ideal man is not the end of vyrisovalsya. With time will tell a soul what she believes is most comfortable. Richard Blumenthal addresses the importance of the matter here. First of all, clear importance. The absence of regular partner is not a reason for panic and depression. No need to wish to shiver at the knees is known that such approach, you’ll dooolgo rush to extremes.

Just let go and let the situation outside the intent for you to choose the most suitable person. Engage in visualization of the target slide. Scroll to mind the different situations in life where you already have the very desired and longed half, for example, imagine you have a favorite (oops) resting on the sea. In the end, circumstances will arise, so that you get to know the person is appropriate for your soul. What to do – you decide. 2.

Do you already have many (or not) established relationship with a girl / boyfriend / husband / wife. In this case, would work well Freiling, ie setting the frequency of mental light for your partner, use your external intent to influence the internal intention favorite (oops). You like to give up the desire to receive and replace it with the desire to give. Knowing what your partner wants, you can build a harmonious relationship for many. I almost forgot about the first and basic law Transurfing – “Be yourself and let others be different.” In other words, let my favorite / lyubioy be such as it is, and do not try to re-educate. It is the desire to bend under a common cause of quarrels and divorce. People simply refuse to recognize their mate, as a person with their inner world and instead impose their own. 3. You broke up with your favorite (oops). And once again, decide whether you really want to get back attitude. Maybe your world in this way eliminates the problems and troubles in future. If you really love a person and not see my life without it – just let it go. Attempts to hold only reinforce a negative effect. Love without desire to possess. For love is known to be able to do miracles. It is quite possible that your loved myself back to you.