Book Love

They have something to tell not only the close people around them, but to tell the whole world. Perfect gift for "the first assessment" can be beautiful, festive decorations album, which collects all pictures of wedding couples. We'll have a good work to do to make this gift. Some photos lost their color or slightly torn, then they must be restored. Under each photo can be made "Commemorative inscriptions and wishes. As a complement to the album, can be made wall paper with all the photos "wedding stages. And the hero of the day would be nice, and guests can enjoy a splendid opportunity to observe their beautiful life. 2.

Purity (clarity) You know, in some countries, people, when an oath or promise, put his hand on the Bible. Probably, you guessed it, a badge of honor in front of real love, you can give the Book of Books, which describes the love. Remember – "love is not envious, not proud, not self-seeking very well order a special gift instance, with a beautiful bookmark the page of love and an extra page, which contains all the wishes of friends. 3. Color (color) A person given to see the different colors and shades. It's a real gift from the creator. And our life is spent in different colors, not only in black and white stripes. Wedding day – a bright day.

To underline the festive color – Give the bride and groom a memorable day. Decorate the hall or room in a colorful balloons, some may be sign pleasant words – "love", "honesty", "children" Each ball will remind lived minutes away. Can make whole compositions in the form of heart or pigeons. "Bride" donate white, pink and red roses. Each color of roses will point to the "timeless beauty of it." White on youth, the maturity of pink, red on the experience of past years. 4. Sarat (weight) before you evaluate a diamond, learn its weight. Throughout his life, both spouses are of decent work, to fill the cup of family valuables. They daily to care, love, tenderness, kindness So, as you think how much this "brilliant"? Unforgettable gift in this regard can be custom made to order crystal medal, signed "award for the 60-year-old family-deed!". You can also give this ring with a brilliant (if you can afford), even a mini-carat, but with all my heart! Love does not grow old, as well as a diamond does not lose its beauty! So make your conclusions, not in vain in the people say "life is lived, not a field go "

Philip Kapleau

The World Parliament of religions, where the monk Shaku Soyen, he teaches a talk called the law of cause and effect as it was taught by Buddha is held in Chicago in 1893. This talk was translated by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki, who would be recommended by the same Soen to Paul Carus to translate texts of Sanskrit, pali, Japanese and Chinese. Suzuki would begin a wide diffuser activity of Zen, first as a University Professor and later as a lecturer and writer around the world. It influenced key names of the European intelligentsia, from Einstein to Jung, passing by Heidegger, Picasso, and an innumerable repertoire of indispensable figures in modern history. Suzuki joined erudition in languages, understanding and personal accomplishment that has made his legacy a reference of the Buddhism in the West. Some of his translations of great complexity, as the of the Sutra of the Lankavatara, remain reference in the academic field, and his most popular works such as essays on Zen Buddhism have been read by almost all persons who have wanted to delve into the knowledge of this Buddhist tradition. Upon his death, the main temples of all Japan burned incense in her honor.

In the mid-20th century, and in the midst of the counterculture of the beat generation, appear more or less massive many Western practitioners both in Europe and in North America. Names such as Alan Watts, Shunryu Suzuki and Philip Kapleau, shall establish Zen in the West as an already quite visible influence. Since then and as it happens with the rest of the Buddhist traditions, Zen in the West runs along a path of greater knowledge about its historical origins as well as defining aspects to better fit into Western culture. Certainly, that should not surprise us as stated in that zen meditation with frequency may be as cash or more than antidepressant drugs to relieve the symptoms of depression and prevent relapse.