Kirov Logistics

Projects creation of logistics centers have emerged in cities such as Togliatti, Nizhny Novgorod. Kirov region from the rest is on a particular account. Here is the geographically prevailing transport hub – and the denouement Trans intersection of federal highways leading from east to west and from north to south. Kotelnichesky prospects recently Volga Logistics Association (Inter-regional non-profit organization of the logistics market participants) reveals serious attention to the Kirov region. Moreover, experts of the Association together with the government of the region are already working on project to build the transport and customs of the distribution center, service-oriented traffic going to the Trans-Siberian and their distribution on the Volga, Europe North and North-west. "In the Kirov region need to create a logistics center, – the President of the Volga Logistics Association Andrey Ivanov. – And the most appropriate place for this – the city Kotelnich, where, in addition to road and rail, is also River Route. " It is worth noting that long Kotelnich predicting future logistics, but as already mentioned, the background and the projects it is only a theory.

In practice, as you know, it's much more complicated. Logistics in the Kirov at held in June at the Kirov conference on the development of logistics and the construction of such a center in the region, the head of the regional department of Economic Development Alexey D. Korshunov voiced about Government activity in this direction. "Our first step was the creation of a" White Paper on transport, "Administration of the Government of CR, which was developed last year – said Korshunov.