Capital Federal

When you travel outside your country you need hints and tips that you advise on accommodation, stay and travel to that location and, for this reason, you can consider this post as your particular guide to travel to Argentina and stay in the departments of Buenos Aires. Before you travel: rent apartments Buenos Aires and much more – accommodation: Although arriving in Buenos Aires you can go to the short term rental in Capital Federal, the ideal is that you already carry sought from source departments in Buenos Aires where you wish to stay. -Documentation: make sure you have valid passport and driving licence serves you to Buenos Aires or if you need to issue an international meat to catch the car during your trip in Argentina. -Health insurance: get travel insurance to be protected before any problem outside your country and remember that if you are under medical treatment you must carry a letter signed by your physician certifying the medication she is taking. -Vaccines: If in addition to visit Buenos Aires, you are going to make a getaway to places such as Iguazu falls, make sure the vaccines you need and get them before leaving. Tips that will let you enjoy more of your trip – to not have scares from theft or loss, don’t carry all the money and the documentation in the same place, distribute it in different places.

– As there are many equal suitcases, identifies your luggage, so nobody take you confused. -Make sure that the electricity voltage and type of plugs used in the destination country are the same as those in your country. If not, buy adaptors before traveling or at the same duty station. There are products that are entering the country forbidden, e.g., ham and sausages, so before shipping them, make sure they’re going to leave place in Argentina.