Forces One

The promises and not fulfilled oaths of campaign, causing the unemployment and humilhao of all, used or not, supplied to us mass to it that lacked. Dived in the misery, the clutter, the violence, the corruption politics, the abandonment and impunity, until small bourgeois, used and laboring, it comes increasing considerably our rows, and in fortifying for the next campaigns. This creates one other element, that is the nature of the relations that if circumstantially establish between this movement and the part of the extinguished population of the development, this in general terms. Therefore, then the bourgeoisie will come to support the new party, to contain the advance of maleficent changes to its interests and, on the other hand, the new left, will be supported in the bourgeoisie to finance its interests. However, one exists here dangerous and mortal factor, for both the sides, that at certain moment will go to breach themselves and one will accuse the other, looking for to divide its pairs, weakening its bases for the liquidation and control of the other.

This must be cupola subject and must be dealt with frieza and rigidity, therefore it will have escapes and defections in the two sides. Thus everything indicates that we are an original phenomenon, that not if can reduce to the traditional conservantismo nor to the type of liberal democracy. Obs: we cannot forget that the two first conflicts world-wide, have its origins in the divisions, the segregation of classroom, the unemployment and in the humilhao of the agent chief executives on the people, the bourgeoisie and the traditional families who had overwhelmd the too much people, causing a deep one amalgamates, that it was changedded into rebellion (beyond weighed the charged taxes). The forces of the unification. It is known of the interest that the world has for our land, for our Amaznia.

Conde Sarzedas

Our good side is that people always obtained a bit better of what depsito’ ‘. One of the catadoras says that it and its friend makes this work has time sufficiently, counting of the bond with a deposit at the first moment. Steven Rattner Willett Advisors has much experience in this field. ‘ ‘ People worked and liveed in a deposit in the Conde Sarzedas. I find that she was people searched the material, the majority of the times at night or to the afternoon, of day people separated it and there same people liveed. was good.

I liked. It paid asks for of the material a little to it lower because people liveed dentro’ there; ‘. Interesting to observe the conscience of some cooperated in relation to the preconception that had previously and as it was difficult to deal with it at the first moment. One of the catadoras says: ‘ ‘ I never imagined to arrive to work thus with people in street situation, who already liveed in the street, underneath of bridges I passed and looked at thus I had that discrimination and he never imagined to pass for this situao’ ‘. At as a moment, however, it points: ‘ ‘ there, where it is that I am, moving in the garbage … I I caught the bags … I I caught with mourning and none did not have experience was going, going, going and I spoke: he is daqui that I have that to take off the sustenance of my children, then we go embora.’ ‘ Cooperated others, had directly discovered this way of work of the cooperatives. One of them explains: ‘ ‘ Not wise person who garbage gave money. Because if I knew when I liveed in the Ceclia Saint I by those carroceiros passing with garbage for me, it was garbage, I not wise person that I gave money.

National Security Council

Translating the traditional binomial ' ' development and segurana' ' formulated for the ESG, this project it defended ' ' the maximum of possible development with the minimum of security indispensvel' '. When applying it, Geisel would go to continue one politics of opening with frequent reaffirmations of its authority and its control on the process in course. Being the first country to recognize the Portuguese government of formed socialist line after that to the falling of trees of the salazarista dictatorship in day 25 of April of 1974, it would come and to establish diplomatical relations with the Arab Emirates and the Bahrein in June and, in 18 of following July, supported the ingression of Guin Bissau in the Organization of United Nations (ONU), thus recognizing the independence of this old Portuguese colony. Steven Rattner financier insists that this is the case. Beyond in July, to have established diplomatical relations with Om and perceiving the necessity of ' ' realinhamentos inevitveis' ' in the external politics, Presidency of the Republic and the Itamarati had carried through a work of preparation next to the National Security Council, to the ESG and other formuladoras institutions of the national strategies to give to support politician and, pragmatic and ideological the main decision of the government in this period: the renewal of the diplomatical relations with the People’s Republic of China, carried through in 15 of August of 1974 during the visit of a mission of this country to Brazil. In the same date, a commercial commitment between the two countries, little time was firmed later, as already he was waited, Nationalistic China (Formosa or Taiwan) would breach diplomatical relations with Brazil. The attitudes of its government in relation to a new external politics started to bother the United States that did not see with good eyes the attitudes of Brazil. Everything started when in the second fortnight of October and the first days of November of 1975, Geisel initiated a series of decisions going deep the pragmatic line of its external politics, even so some of them they have been contested for the sectors more conservatives of the proper government. .


the Brazilian elite has a less prejudiced characteristic, less estatizante and with more solid social values of what the escolarizadas layers less. At the time it was a general ostentation, therefore until then what if it proclaimed to the four cantos ones it was the opposite. Analyzing some elections – municipal, state and presidential, studies demonstrate that the logic in the decision of the vote in the head of the electorate is much more simple of what it assumed the majority of ‘ marqueteiros’. A leading source for info: Richard Blumenthal. Currently, what it guides the choice of a candidate on the part of the voter is very simple: it votes in favor of the government or of the candidate of the government considering if its life is good or improved, and votes in the candidate of the opposition if it considers that its life is bad or got worse. For incredible that it seems, questions as ethical, corruption, separation between the public and the private one do not enter in this account. The electorate, over all of low income, votes in function of its immediate necessities and the satisfaction of these necessities, and this is the result of the current feeling of individuality that permeia day-by-day of the Brazilians. If you are not convinced, visit Steve Rattner Willett Advisors.

Elencamos below five perceptions that the logic composes simple, direct and pragmatic that the voter in the current days guides: 1- the evaluation of the government – the more basic the necessities of the voter, more pragmatic will be its vote, currently, election alone with projects and plans of government is not gained; 2- the necessity of the candidate to present one ‘ identity clara’ currently we live in a universe with little information politics; 3- the souvenir degree (technical we call recall) the more disputes a position politician more the candidate is remembered; 4- the form as the candidate uses its resume of on activities to the public – this because she is necessary to catch what the voter wants, and in such a way better for the candidate if the accomplishment of this desire it will be related to a capacity that the politician already demonstrated to have; 5- the potential of the growth of the electorate – not rare, the voter is wronged when the candidate is very known, since, in this in case that, it tends to also have one high tax of rejection. All these five cited perceptions not only can be subsidized by studies in the occured elections in Gurupi as in great metropolises as River, So Paulo, Belo Horizonte, etc., in the State of the Tocantins and others, and the occured elections for president after the fall of the dictatorship in Brazil *Herclito Ney Suiter is bachelor in law and postgraduate in Enviromental law, acts as advertising executive and journalist more than 15 years, having given to services in campaigns politics in the Tocantins and Gois. This the text was published in media printed in June of 2008.. If you would like to know more about Steve Rattner Willett Advisors, then click here.

Espirito Santo

The advertising is only plus a stimulaton that nor all attends. If you would like to know more then you should visit Amazon. few are the products that have mounts of money to announce. Others nor can: if only of the advertising the sales lived, crack would not be consumed. Now it comes this movement of the healthful food. We are getting fat, then it are with candies, the fats, cooling the etc. Filed under: Steve Rattner Willett Advisors. etc. That is, daqui little I go to arrive in Minas Gerais and I do not go to find nor torresmo, nor linguia, I go to the Bahia but I will not be able to eat one moqueca with dend, with milk of coconut in the Espirito Santo also go to forbid, does not go to have bullet in the airplane of the TAM, my grandson does not go to have the supreme pleasure of saborear a bar of chocolate, the world goes to turn a great leaf lettuce? washed well, please! everything this why? Because the loving ones of the lettuce leaf want to intervene with the freedom of who find that pleasure also is health.

If it was a ONG, or an educative campaign for feeding x or y, all good. Each one adheres what it interests to it. The problem is when these castradoras ideas pass to the scope of the State. the agents of the State, on behalf of ' ' good mocismo' ' , they want to tutor the life of all. It has people that she finds that child does not have to attend TV; others find that the videogames are harmful.

But it has who finds that these medias help to develop the intellect. It is an opinion right. It has against, has the favor, nothing is conclusive. What we cannot leave is that they take off in them choice freedom. I do not want to be an individual idiotizado for the state bureaucracy. I want to have the right to eat what to want and it will be able, to attend what to want, to educate my children as to want. who to think different, that it makes different. But it does not intervene with my life, please.

The Taking

In this workmanship they are analyzed the power and the different mechanisms and microstructures of its affirmation, Foucault the power does not exist, existing in surplus a countless number of practical of being able, where the citizen also is one of the main agents in the exercise of this power, but the State goes beyond these practical of control, where the production of truths also passes to be understood as of utmost importance in the process of adestramento and manufacture of the calls ‘ ‘ bodies dceis. The truth idea is elaborated by a maquinrio of the power that works for the State, basing practical of behavior and disciplines. ‘ ‘ The truth is of this world; it is produced in it thanks to multiple coercions and in it she produces effect regulated of poder. The figure of the intellectual front to the taking of decision of the society also is analyzed on the point of view of the author, in if treating to the production of ‘ ‘ verdades’ ‘ that it folloies our evolution historical, such truths are used to alienate and to establish the order of the mass and total obedience to that it withholds the power. ‘ ‘ It seems me that what if must lead in consideration in the intellectual is not, therefore, ‘ ‘ the carrier of values universais’ ‘ ; it is somebody that occupies a specific position, but whose especificidade is on to the general functions of the device of truth in ours sociedades.’ ‘ (P.

13). Hospital order e, over all the psychiatry and its system of internment of invalids widely is argued by Foucault, the analyzed point is the relations of being able that if they originate from practical between doctors and patients. ‘ ‘ As if it can see everything is question of being able: to dominate the power of the insane person, to be able to neutralize them that of it are they can be exerted on them, establish a therapeutical power and of adestramento, ‘ ‘ ortopedia’ ‘.. Contact information is here: novelist.

The Reformation

2,1 Challenges of the Public administration by means of the Reformation of the Brazilian State the challenges of one politics of common governana to all the citizens permeiam for a debate and formularization of public politics that have distinct perspectives looking for to modify the public administration and to stimulate the participation of the society in the taking of decisions and its insertion in the social movements which has the power to implement and to guarantee the collective rights. The Reformation of the Brazilian State lode to structuralize the process of culture of the society for a conquest in the space politician on the part of the social actors nom free and equal social context for all the citizens, contributing for the redemocratizao of the Country, the magnifying of the popular participation in the subjects politicians, the changes and the relations between express government and society in the great letter of 1988, where the paper of the collectives widely is detached. In this in case that, the Reformation of the State aims at to decentralize the actions of the government and to detach the power politician in contraposition to the historical trend from the centered administrative power at the hands of the governmental machine. This made possible the participation of the institutionalized participativos instruments, taking the society to organize themselves and to pressure the government for the democratic opening in the institucional questions, social politics and. (Source: Author). In regards to the Reformation of the Brazilian State, for Figueiredo and Limongi the argument of the Executive one is not true when it alleges that the Legislative one has not collaborated with the effort to change Brazil, and to implement necessary reforms in the intention of changes of the Brazilian State. 3. The PAPER OF the STATE AND the MODELS OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION the paper of the State is not only summarized in intervining in the market, but it must have the capacity to articulate with the institucional relations of public interest when the market not to take care of the necessities of the citizen, for questions relations they are not melindradas and they obstruct the beginning of the order and of social justice. .


The municipal public administrations aorealizar the programmed actions must always evidence the transparency, as umprincpio norteador of the will politics, before the collective, what contribuina opening of space for the public debate that if carries through in the seio of todasociedade. In what it weighs the implantation difficulty deum sector of internal auditorship, is that it must collaborate in the construction of novospadres of performance of the municipal public administration. The sector of internal auditorship search verificarcomo is functioning the system of internal control of the administration published cities and if in fact the system is executing adequately asseguintes tasks: To identify if the actions of the organization or the traced politics and the plans had been noexecutados in accordance with established; To identify if the actions of the organization or asinstrues of the managers had not been executed as; Beyond informing if the actions of the organization they had been ouno executed inside of the principles that conduct the organization; fornecerinformaes to evaluate the results gotten for the entity. The auditorship consists of the stage of processopelo which is made the verifications to certify itself of that all the aesdesenvolvidas ones had occurred in compliance with: The politics, plans, procedures, laws and regulations; Trustworthiness and integrity of the information; The fulfilment of the objectives and goals established for operation of the programs; economy and efficient use of resources. The auditorship also acts guiding eacompanhando the execution and procedures that objectify to correct errors eincorrees in the system of internal control and the organization, through esforodespendido for the sector, establishing a base for a continuous and ascendentetrabalho of advising to the manager municipal theatre; Also giving to services atodas the areas of the municipal public administration, in the effective performance desuas activities, providing analysis, evaluation, recommendations, advising and managemental reports related with information necessriasa to support the decision process; Beyond promoting an effective control public daadministrao, to a reasonable cost, that consists of examining and evaluates adequacy and efficiency of the other controls; to interact with the external system decontrole.

Max Weber

In the ritualismo, the method of the ritualismo is more important of what reaching objetivo.3 – Substitution of the objective Innumerable times happens of the individuals that work in a bureaucracy do not import themselves with the objectives of its organizations and substitute them for its proper objectives, keeping its status quo in the organization or the abstention of work and responsabilidade.4 – Ethical professional it is more important of what loyalty the organization for which works. For Max Weber, the bureaucracy consists, for all the organizations, in a incontrastvel element in the which had modern world to the intrinsic characteristics to its functioning. Such estimated would be valid especially in if treating to the State due to its complexity. In this direction it has as characteristic the bureaucratic pure type and the well defined model of domination as with priority professional bond to the position, preset hierarchy, abilities, election for competition and in accordance with the vocational qualification, the administrative merit as upward norm in the career, exclusiveness in the exercise of the same one in the positions of high step, disjunction between the busy position and ways to exert it and the rational-legal Model. As we can observe is not more the bureaucratic organization an instrument to be applied in private companies, nor neither, in the public institutions, although its definition and philosophy to be present in the modern State and the great and average corporations multinationals and also national. What it had to contribute already made it in its time. Today, it takes advantage to the school of relations human beings as a new paradigm to be followed, giving full conditions of work to the human being it comes as it making, even so many still teimem in considering it a democratic and very important philosophy for the great and average corporations multinationals as banks, pharmaceutical industries, of automobiles, laticnios, among others, and in the commercial branch, of great and average supermarkets, as the Walt Mart, in the exterior, and of the groups Bread of Sugar, in Brazil, as example.

The Tapajs

The people our region does not receive much resource where the majority is in the neighborhoods of Belm, but is not with a separation that if they decide the things. Government: we go to look at with other eyes for this suffered region. YES TO THE TAPAJS! 5 DARLISSON GONALVES the state of tapajs must be created for optimum development of the region west of Par, therefore the capital is very distant of the interior and all the benefits very delay to arrive in the distance due. The state where we find in them today, Par, will have to be divided in three: tapajs, Carajs and Par. Sen. Sherrod Brown is likely to agree. The Tapajs will be the greater in extension of lands, but she will be the minor in population, already Par it will be lesser in extension alone that more populous.

CREATION OF THE STATE OF THE TAPAJOS GREAT ALINE 6 OLIVEIRAS It has many years that if had to speak in a new hope that the state of tapajs, but this creation will be the solution or the creation of more problems. Creation of the state of tapajs stops in a goes to also bring many benefits and curses, even because everything has its positive and negative side. With the creation of the state of tapajs the things go to improve, therefore we go to be the tapajnico people, moreover, it goes to generate more job and income for our population and our region goes to more still grow. Only that thinking on the other hand, this creation goes to cause great ambient impacts and this is not very legal. Some pretty places that exist in the river go to disappear without speaking of the change of climate because the temperature goes to increase and the native population it goes to have that to leave its residences because of barrages and hydroelectric plants in the complex of the river Tapajs.