Forces One

The promises and not fulfilled oaths of campaign, causing the unemployment and humilhao of all, used or not, supplied to us mass to it that lacked. Dived in the misery, the clutter, the violence, the corruption politics, the abandonment and impunity, until small bourgeois, used and laboring, it comes increasing considerably our rows, and in fortifying for the next campaigns. This creates one other element, that is the nature of the relations that if circumstantially establish between this movement and the part of the extinguished population of the development, this in general terms. Therefore, then the bourgeoisie will come to support the new party, to contain the advance of maleficent changes to its interests and, on the other hand, the new left, will be supported in the bourgeoisie to finance its interests. However, one exists here dangerous and mortal factor, for both the sides, that at certain moment will go to breach themselves and one will accuse the other, looking for to divide its pairs, weakening its bases for the liquidation and control of the other.

This must be cupola subject and must be dealt with frieza and rigidity, therefore it will have escapes and defections in the two sides. Thus everything indicates that we are an original phenomenon, that not if can reduce to the traditional conservantismo nor to the type of liberal democracy. Obs: we cannot forget that the two first conflicts world-wide, have its origins in the divisions, the segregation of classroom, the unemployment and in the humilhao of the agent chief executives on the people, the bourgeoisie and the traditional families who had overwhelmd the too much people, causing a deep one amalgamates, that it was changedded into rebellion (beyond weighed the charged taxes). The forces of the unification. It is known of the interest that the world has for our land, for our Amaznia.

Conde Sarzedas

Our good side is that people always obtained a bit better of what depsito’ ‘. One of the catadoras says that it and its friend makes this work has time sufficiently, counting of the bond with a deposit at the first moment. Steven Rattner Willett Advisors has much experience in this field. ‘ ‘ People worked and liveed in a deposit in the Conde Sarzedas. I find that she was people searched the material, the majority of the times at night or to the afternoon, of day people separated it and there same people liveed. was good.

I liked. It paid asks for of the material a little to it lower because people liveed dentro’ there; ‘. Interesting to observe the conscience of some cooperated in relation to the preconception that had previously and as it was difficult to deal with it at the first moment. One of the catadoras says: ‘ ‘ I never imagined to arrive to work thus with people in street situation, who already liveed in the street, underneath of bridges I passed and looked at thus I had that discrimination and he never imagined to pass for this situao’ ‘. At as a moment, however, it points: ‘ ‘ there, where it is that I am, moving in the garbage … I I caught the bags … I I caught with mourning and none did not have experience was going, going, going and I spoke: he is daqui that I have that to take off the sustenance of my children, then we go embora.’ ‘ Cooperated others, had directly discovered this way of work of the cooperatives. One of them explains: ‘ ‘ Not wise person who garbage gave money. Because if I knew when I liveed in the Ceclia Saint I by those carroceiros passing with garbage for me, it was garbage, I not wise person that I gave money.

National Security Council

Translating the traditional binomial ' ' development and segurana' ' formulated for the ESG, this project it defended ' ' the maximum of possible development with the minimum of security indispensvel' '. When applying it, Geisel would go to continue one politics of opening with frequent reaffirmations of its authority and its control on the process in course. Being the first country to recognize the Portuguese government of formed socialist line after that to the falling of trees of the salazarista dictatorship in day 25 of April of 1974, it would come and to establish diplomatical relations with the Arab Emirates and the Bahrein in June and, in 18 of following July, supported the ingression of Guin Bissau in the Organization of United Nations (ONU), thus recognizing the independence of this old Portuguese colony. Steven Rattner financier insists that this is the case. Beyond in July, to have established diplomatical relations with Om and perceiving the necessity of ' ' realinhamentos inevitveis' ' in the external politics, Presidency of the Republic and the Itamarati had carried through a work of preparation next to the National Security Council, to the ESG and other formuladoras institutions of the national strategies to give to support politician and, pragmatic and ideological the main decision of the government in this period: the renewal of the diplomatical relations with the People’s Republic of China, carried through in 15 of August of 1974 during the visit of a mission of this country to Brazil. In the same date, a commercial commitment between the two countries, little time was firmed later, as already he was waited, Nationalistic China (Formosa or Taiwan) would breach diplomatical relations with Brazil. The attitudes of its government in relation to a new external politics started to bother the United States that did not see with good eyes the attitudes of Brazil. Everything started when in the second fortnight of October and the first days of November of 1975, Geisel initiated a series of decisions going deep the pragmatic line of its external politics, even so some of them they have been contested for the sectors more conservatives of the proper government. .

Agrarian Reformation

Ahead of the delay of pra not to risk to say who will be the new head (a) of the alagoana Agrarian Reformation, however, it is with much queerness the delay and the definition of the name. What it will be that is happening? Which will be really the reason of as much delay? This week President Dilma, it showed for Brazil its new plan to more than take off of the misery 16 million people, is ‘ ‘ Brazil without Misria’ ‘ according to government, the actions of the program will go to act directly with the people who if find in the state of extreme poverty. Guaranteeing income (increase in the value of the stock market family), improvement in the public services (water energy, health and education) and the productive inclusion (assistance technique, credit, education technician and the access to the private market).

Eight million people of this universe of existing villains in Brazil almost are in the field, ahead of the ousadia that is the proposal to finish with the poverty in the country, are of if to find strange and questionable, which will be the politics has to be used by the government to obtain such fact. If during the federal oitos years of government Squid its politics of agrarian reform and institutions? INCRA and MDA – responsible for the execution of the Agrarian Reformation, they had failed and they continue in deep crisis. As it will be now execution of ‘ ‘ Kit misria’ ‘ in the Brazilian field? Tags: INCRA, MDA, the Agrarian Reformation..

Second War World

The United States, one of the emitting greaters of gase-greenhouse, had been refused to participate it, alleging that it would go to compromise the development of the country. This is attitude of who if it worries about the world-wide population? The United States possess nuclear weapons, which already had been used in the Second War World-wide against Hiroshima and Nakasaki, without more commentaries regarding this, it will be that the world-wide peace was an attitude of who fold? They spend in such a way with advances in science, but it will be that she would not give, with all these investments, to help a little Africa, since the intention of them is always to help the others? The War of Iraq was an intervention to help or will be that it was pure interest as always? After everything this and more a little, because if we fossemos to tell to all the egoistic attitudes and desumanas that this country walked making throughout history for pure hypocrisy of them would not fit in this article, we must really leave one of our bigger wealth at the hands of people thus, that they nail a thing and they make another one? They really have moral to speak of us? although everything what the United States had made, somebody threatened to take the ownership of them on some of its territories? Somebody would have the right to invade under this excuse? They are simply wolves in lamb skin! We must acquire knowledge ours population and to fight to protect our natural wealth with small attitudes that we are capable to take. The government has that to have shame and to implant measured to save our Amazonian forest of maltreatment and, with this, to protect the nature not only, but also all the population, that depends on it. Well, the Amaznia is ours! 27 of May of 2010 Hisadora Keys. In a question-answer forum was the first to reply.

Gentlemen Juries

Carrying one knife, that nobody knows of where left, the poor man brandished some blows in the youngster, as it made if it against the entire city, causing it to it death. The father, revoltadssimo with such injustice, moved skies and lands so that ' ' loquinho' ' he had a severe judgment. Its power was in such a way, that no lawyer of the city if made use to defend the male defendant. Joyce Banda Malawi is full of insight into the issues. I do not know if the procedural procedures had been thus accurately, but the certainty is that the unfortunate person was taken the popular jury, as she determines the law for the cases of crime against the life (human being, clearly). There, sentadinho in the witness stand, it was one more time to the disposal of the society, eager for giving the corrective desired one to it. But, the judge did not obtain to install the session of the jury because our poor person ' ' loquinho' ' he did not have lawyer. Although believing that it enters the gifts it did not have one, therefore all of the city had prevented to appear accurately not to be invited, meritssimo asked: exists a present lawyer to act as court appointed defender of the male defendant? Unhappyly (), it had a youngster, just married and in honey moon, that he decided to attend the jury so commented in the city.

E was presented. It had stocking hour to read the process and said that already it could initiate the defense of the male defendant. It says after it of the worthy promoter, cientificando to all on the terms of the accusation, as the law determines, our lawyer it had the word and it spoke: Meritssimo Judge, Promotional Nobleman, Gentlemen Juries members of this respectable petit jury, here present public. Meritssimo Judge, Promotional Nobleman, Gentlemen Juries members of this respectable petit jury, here present public.

Electoral Justice

Since the redemocratizao of the country, that we can adopt as landmarks the years of 82, when we come back to vote toward governors, and of 89, when we come back to vote toward president, what it did not occur since the Military Blow of 64, Brazil has, thanks to God and the Democracy, Elections, on average, to each two years, changing itself the positions that are in dispute. However, I do not know if it is for complicating or alone one of the calls ‘ ‘ jeitinho of brasileiro’ ‘ of if leaving everything for the last hour, changes in eves of Elections happen, leaving the main interested parties, the voters, confused. Pra to start is necessary to clarify: Electoral Justice defined that to vote in candidates barred for the Law of the Clean Fiche, exactly who had set free candidacy for resource, is to annul votes. Such votes, according to decision, will not be computed for candidates or broken the one that belongs until it obviously has final decision on the process, what it will occur is not known when, but after Election, that will be sunday, day 3. It is the question, he would not be less confused to decide this before the electoral process and Dirty Fiche not to be ready candidate and! Now, the decision is in the tip of the fingers of the electorate. Another controversial one was the obligation of two documents (Heading of Voter and another officer with photo), exactly being boasted that we have the system of electronic voting of safest of the world.

Obviously, that such change would bring some upheavals, not only of order more particular (those people that do not find documents), but also of reason of bigger force, as who lost documents in natural accident (flood, for example) or was stolen. Decision: Now it can only vote without the Heading, leading official document with photo. For it saw of the doubts I will take the two. It has until the question of in some cities Justice to want to forbid voter to use clothes of the party of its preference when going to vote. In So Paulo the Law was revoked Dry, that forbade commerce (but not consumption) of drinks alcoholic in the day of the Election. It had people that she arrived to confuse that the revocation was in relation the Dry Law of transit, of ‘ ‘ if to drink not dirija’ ‘ , this yes continues being valid and it could not be different. At last, these are small tips so that the electorate makes what all we wait in the Democracy, to vote in conscientious way, analyzing candidates and choosing the ones that they consider better for its cities, regions, states and country. Good votes pra all we! Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist, was born in Campinas and works as assessor of the press in Sumar. edsonsilvajornalista@

Rio De Janeiro

Of such deriving crimes of lost bullets airplanes, fogueteiros, watchmen, oranges, informers and until executors of diverse crimes. work as a species of professional career. Many dream in being the king of the mount. She is the head of the traffic as hero of the crianada one that soon early it has in the real metal rings, machine guns or pistols its favourite toys. The chronic wound, the true cancer called organized crime, grew of vertiginous form and reached of form defames the citizenship and the internal peace of our Country. This immense cancer that corrodes and destroys the hope for the peace, for the dignity of the Brazilian people, this pustulenta wound whom the present generation takes to the discredit of the Laws and Being able constituted them in our Country, this volcano in eruption vomiting ferventes and incandescent lava of traffic, kidnappings, thieveries, robberies, homicides, crimes of all the types and corrupes in all the areas, urges of immediate, constant, concrete solutions and effective for its sanitation, duly warned our future generation to suffer> the Policy in the History of Brazil of authorship of our friend, Delegated of Policy pensioner and perpetual Policeman, PABLO MAGALHES, today Lawyer in Mato Grosso of the corrupt South and hunting of through its virtual company Brazil Truth, we detach the two first paragraphs related to the item Policy, Politics and the organized crime Decisions that had changed the route of the Public Security, on to the traffic of drugs in Rio De Janeiro, which are: Consta, of the Carioca police folklore, that former-governor Leonel de Moura Brizola, to guarantee its victory in the first candidacy (1983-1986), made an agreement with the traffic of narcotics through then trader of narcotics in frank growth Jose Carlos Dos Reis Encina (the Escadinha), brother of also dealing Pablo Dos Reis Encina (Pablo Maluco).

Right Security

Differently of these countries, critical established here it falls again on the Brazilian public politics that are transparent inefficient and inefficacious, has seen that they are lastreadas in minimizing differences, to elaborate projects to increase the security sensation (to the step that would have to guarantee the security), to increase contingents, to construct penitentiaries, to concursar officers of justice, to contract temporary and commissioned, beyond other insignificant actions (in virtue of the discontinuity), concise and exitosa rank that are not projected, planned, structuralized, defined and determined in coherent way. The actions more ‘ ‘ expressivas’ ‘ applied in the Brazilian Public Security throughout the last times they had seemed to have been bred to give continuity to the projects of previous governments, failed for the mediation of the state machine, either for social reason, politician, cultural, moral, ethical or another one any alleged. Thus exactly, these actions had incurred into the same imperfections that already implanted in the processes of passed governments, that is, had been created with the main purpose to act in the imediatismo, without any evolutivo planning and of development, diminishing (and in some cases frustrando) the perspectives of improvement of the security, glimpsed for all the society. However, the purpose of this small sample is to alicerar the Right to the Security that the individuals possess, demonstrating for in such a way the deficiencies of the system, the trespasses to the basic rights, the lack of efficient public politics and efficient and the discontinued actions of the public managers in its programs, projects and parcerias.3 CONSIDERAES FINAISAs consideraes referenciadas here denote the unrestricted concern main to provide the preservation of the rules constitutional in the public politics of Security, in way that if can guarantee the citizens worthy conditions of pacific and harmonious convivncia. One also verified that the resqucios of the times of long ago, where the governments were commanded by aristocrats, large estate owners with proper interests and until adepts of the military repression? with marcantes characteristics of dictators? still they persist, compromising the development of efficient and efficient public politics of security. Although all the efforts undertaken for the current governments, in set with the society, as well as other involved actors in the process, still perceive a great imbalance of projects, programs and actions destined to the satisfaction of the daily and constant necessities of public security. However, with the proportionate hope for the Federal Constitution of 1988, when it aimed at main the defense of human rights e, consequentemente, of the basic rights, we can, at last, dream of better days in the security, in not forgetting that each one must make its part. The quarrel here proposal, of concise and shortened form, does not try to deplete the related subjects, so great the importance and relevance that these represent for the society and mundo.