What Nursing Is Right For Me?

Expert advice for care at home, not all care can be maintained adequately by relatives, friends or acquaintances. In this case, the maintenance fund paid maintenance for a licensed ambulatory care services. Prerequisite for the assumption of costs is the existence of a level of care. Of course the services of ambulatory care services can be used without care level, but then pays the care themselves or the social services. You should, if you want to take a care service, precisely consider in advance, at which physical tasks you need help (E.g. help with washing, help with dinner, etc.) and when the help should be. Take the time of several quotes to compare.

It is advisable to get recommendations here or let the care services come to your home. Discuss exactly, as you can imagine the care and what you expect. A good care should enter into the consultation on your needs. Sign You are not just a maintenance agreement, but solicit review time. Listen in your decision-making on your stomach”and thus on your feeling. Sign a direct debit authorisation.

You can expect that the nursing service in the consultation offsets you exactly the cost of care. Each care performance has its actual price, similar to when a craftsman offer. Conclusion: A cost estimate is legitimate. Only when your offer is, you decide if you want to continue to take maintenance money, apply for care in kind or combined services (care allowance and care benefits in kind). Advice: You are not sure what they want to do and whether you choose correctly, contact a care advice >. You get detailed information about the individual services of the maintenance fund and can more easily decide between cash and in-kind contributions of the maintenance funds. Angela Kowalski

Therapeutic Measures

Definitions, frequencies and causes, as well as therapeutic interventions for stuttering stuttering is defined as a disruption of the flow of speech. It begins in childhood (at about 5% of all children) and becomes chronic, if she’s not gone until young adulthood (at 1% of all adults). Mostly, the children speak first liquid and often causes a significant child event such as z.B the birth of siblings the sudden occurrence of Unflussigkeiten. Boys are affected far more frequently than girls and lose the problems even worse, so that 80% of all affected adult of male sex. The reasons for this difference are not ultimately resolved. A biological cause is very likely, because on the one hand the difference cross-culturally valid and boys also in other language-related disorders (articulation disorders and reading legal writing disabilities) are statistically at a disadvantage. Want to meet the difficulties of Stotterern, recommends It is, three sets of issues to talk about: the core symptoms, secondary symptoms and the subsequent symptoms. The core symptoms are already with the onset of the disorder in childhood and are made of three different forms of speech flow-break, where they are accompanied by spasms of the speech organs.

It is repetition (repetition of sounds, syllables or words, such as K-K-K-Karlheinz “or Ka-Ka-Karlheinz), prolongations (strains of sounds, E.g.”Karrrlheinz”) and silent speech flow, so-called blocking interruptions (E.g. K-_-arlheinz). Later in the so-called secondary symptoms are added: in the awareness that many social problems arise with occurrence of the core symptoms sufferers modify their speech projects so that the core symptoms of less conspicuous. The following secondary symptoms: insert sounds and syllables (such as Hi, MoE Karlheinz “”), insert pauses (such as I am several seconds pause Karlheinz “) and finally the rewrite or replace problematic words (such as Hi, Meier mean name ‘”). ” The consequences are in an emotional burden in social situations that emerge in the form of avoidance behaviour, social anxiety, social withdrawal, and shame. Social phobias, occur as previously mentioned, as well as depression need then additional therapy. Depression therapy concepts are described elsewhere.

There is no clear Eng umschriebenes concept for the cause of stuttering. It is of a multifactorial origin, which means that different conditions that are responsible. Much speaks for a genetic basis. On the other hand also malfunctioned at the acoustic feedback of the own language must involve, as people put on a pair of headphones with loud music show virtually no stuttering symptoms. A good narrative representation of this can be found in the film “the King’s speech”, that shows how at the time of stuttering English King George VI. order was handled. Although stuttering in adults is chronic, the so-called remission rate to zero aims, through appropriate therapeutic measures reduce the burden on social emotional and make meaningful progress for the communication and quality of life. As in other chronic diseases, such as asthma bronchiale, diabetes mellitus or in chronic pain disease, turns the therapeutic goal of “Healing” to “Improve the quality of life and reduce the severity of the symptom”. Drug treatment is not in the foreground, even though there are positive reports about the treatment with atypical antipsychotics (olanzapine) and anxiolytics (Pagoclon). Most effective is a combination treatment of cognitive behavior therapy and language therapy exercise procedures.

Gastritis Esophagus

Folk recipes treatment of gastritis. Since all food entering the body, inevitably enters the stomach, and delayed it for digestion, then the best way to treat gastric diseases – this is the correct diet. Unfortunately, we have available are very uniform set of products. We eat spontaneously and sporadically, often than necessary. All this leads to the fact that a desynchronization in the neuro-vascular and glandular secretory apparatus of the stomach. An unpleasant, sometimes a metallic taste in the mouth, there is a reverse throw food into the esophagus, and sometimes it is so powerful that the bile gets into the esophagus (the symptom of 'reflection'), and its taste is felt in the mouth. Frequent complaints of heaviness in the stomach, the food is not digested. No appetite.

Meal turns into an unpleasant duty, from which a person tries to hide. There is a feeling of fear. In such cases should accustom themselves to split meals, and the amount of food eaten at one time should be minimized. Cooking should not only delicious, but to observe at least the elements serving: napkin on the table, plates, cups of tea and coffee. Eat unaccompanied telei radio, do not read the book. Do not carry on a conversation on politics, economics.

Need to eat. Understand that all this is included in a single complex treatment. For pains, spasms and heaviness in the stomach, lack of appetite, belching and heartburn tea blend of chamomile flowers and yarrow (trees). To prepare the mixture of colors to take them in equal proportions.