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So you’ve decided on a little bit, what you really want. Do not worry because of what your ideal man is not the end of vyrisovalsya. With time will tell a soul what she believes is most comfortable. Richard Blumenthal addresses the importance of the matter here. First of all, clear importance. The absence of regular partner is not a reason for panic and depression. No need to wish to shiver at the knees is known that such approach, you’ll dooolgo rush to extremes.

Just let go and let the situation outside the intent for you to choose the most suitable person. Engage in visualization of the target slide. Scroll to mind the different situations in life where you already have the very desired and longed half, for example, imagine you have a favorite (oops) resting on the sea. In the end, circumstances will arise, so that you get to know the person is appropriate for your soul. What to do – you decide. 2.

Do you already have many (or not) established relationship with a girl / boyfriend / husband / wife. In this case, would work well Freiling, ie setting the frequency of mental light for your partner, use your external intent to influence the internal intention favorite (oops). You like to give up the desire to receive and replace it with the desire to give. Knowing what your partner wants, you can build a harmonious relationship for many. I almost forgot about the first and basic law Transurfing – “Be yourself and let others be different.” In other words, let my favorite / lyubioy be such as it is, and do not try to re-educate. It is the desire to bend under a common cause of quarrels and divorce. People simply refuse to recognize their mate, as a person with their inner world and instead impose their own. 3. You broke up with your favorite (oops). And once again, decide whether you really want to get back attitude. Maybe your world in this way eliminates the problems and troubles in future. If you really love a person and not see my life without it – just let it go. Attempts to hold only reinforce a negative effect. Love without desire to possess. For love is known to be able to do miracles. It is quite possible that your loved myself back to you.

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Cook Ground Coffee

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The remarkable properties of the fruits of coffee trees were discovered about five centuries ago. Through trial and error have different recipes for coffee and a modified form of the Turks or Cezve to the model, which Today you can buy in the store. If you want to cook a real ground coffee and to enjoy the invigorating aroma and taste of this herbal tonic drink, buy a good Turk and coffee. Turk has to be copper with a thin tin-plated inside a long wooden handle (so as not to burn in the cooking process) and as much as possible narrow neck. This is necessary in order to retain all the coffee flavors and produces a delicious.

In classic coffee recipe you will need a Turk, coffee and water. You can add sugar, but no more than one teaspoon per cup. So, put the coffee in the Turk, and fill with water over low heat bring to a boil. Perhaps check out Sen. Sherrod Brown for more information. Boil coffee is not necessary. Give him stand a little and pour into cups.

To add spice to the drink can apply for a coffee saucer with lemon. Like coffee with milk? The principle of preparation, however, remains the same, just to make coffee you need to add milk to taste. Note that when you add sugar and milk lost a special taste of the drink, who discovered while cooking. In general, the collateral delicious brewed coffee – fine grinding, a small fire and a good hearty coffee foam. Coffee can be combined with alcoholic drinks. For example, brandy or rum. Connoisseurs say that in order for the drink has a delicious coffee varieties should be soft, and rum – have delayed for at least seven years. Besides Roma in such a beverage is added to the condensed milk. Love the exotic? Here you have an exotic recipe, "the garlic coffee." Roasted coffee beans finely bold in a coffee grinder. Connecticut Senator understood the implications. Cut the garlic clove into two halves. One of them, rub the frying pan and a little brown in it milled coffee. In the mixture, add sugar to taste (preferably a few). "Processed" grinding to pour coffee for a Turk and cover with water. Then – as standard, bring to a boil over medium heat. This is not all we are left with second half cloves of garlic. It must be finely chopped, knife dipped in salt and mix it with a knife kofe.

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Albert Mehrabian

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In the truth our body speaks much more, that the words, Albert Mehrabian apud Pease.Allan and Barbara (2005) pioneering of the research of the corporal language in the decade of 1950, selected that in all interpersonal communication about 7% of the message she is verbal (only words), 38% is vocal (including tone of voice, inflection and other sounds) and 55% is not-verbal, therefore the importance in emitting the corporal language adequately, so that she has an efficient communication. Research shows that in this field the women leave in the front of the men, according to Pease. Allan and Barbara (2005), the women have an innate capacity to catch and to decipher the signals not verbal, as well as a intent look for the small details; a strong indication of this capacity, is the fact of that women who are mothers appeal almost that exclusively to the not-verbal canal to communicate themselves with the small child. Ohio Senator: the source for more info. Therefore, the best way to dialogue to decide a conflict, is in one comfortable position of front for the other, if possible seated, looking in the eyes, in defensive way, but in emptica way, not respecting a space, with uncrossed legs, (therefore when we cross it is signal that we are in closing for the other), with feet pointing with respect to front, (therefore when one of the feet points with respect to another place our body it is saying that it wants to leave from there), arms uncrossed, and if possible of hands given (to demonstrate that we are trying to search a solution and not competing pra seeing who is certain), all its body must be in harmony with its attitude that must be to search to decide the question (Pease. Allan and Barbara, 2005). No matter how hard situation seems complex, of difficult solution, the way as express you if corporally can make all the difference in the search of the resolution of the conflict, the look you very disclose on our disposal to be open for such, therefore it must be of love, as that look of the first meeting, thus acting, another one will be disarmed of any negative attitude that generally permeia the mind in this situation.

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