Holiday Without Fireworks

Any person can always look only to the current flow, or on fire. And noticed that some people prefer to surf and fountains, and a part – the fire. But the flame, blooming in the sky, amazing images and colors love to watch it. And the children – just love. (And who among us has not at all, baby, eh?) That is why the ancient Chinese invention – fireworks – it looks fresh and young forever. And how did all unanimously turned his neck in the direction of sounds salute to hear him suddenly, and looking through their eyes in the evening blue of the sky? here is a truly beautiful sight can captivate so that conversations with friends and work – wait … Who knows half-second surprise from the form soaring rockets: exploded past the red and green, but this? flower burst densely blue sparks and crumble megohms orange-red lights? Or polyhnuv bright flash, generate a bunch of fiery red fox tails each of whom will be crowned with the silver tip of the flame? Or maybe came shooting out, as many will respond inside and blazed a golden ball in half the sky? And after a similar rise, but silver? And then – again in the design of ruby lights sparkling diamond placers and diamond spears glittering in the warm staffs, and cascades falling from the mountains, but do not touch the planet, the flame … Fireworks presentation continues, hitting a variety of shapes and fiction proffesionalov, it created, and you're not Videsh not smoke in the direction of the wind unosimnogo or numbness in the neck, head thrown back tired to hold, not even during the hours of …

Flaming flowers and chrysanthemums in slazhivayutsya rostut and bouquets reveals the fantastic birds their shining feathers, and on top of them fluttering flame-yellow dragon with red eyes, a great and joyful. All these spectacular wonders mood called pyrotechnics. mash powder and salt various metals that give color flame when burned. subtle and hard work of Chinese craftsmen, meticulously izmerevshih charges curtailed and glue cardboard shell rockets, Roman candles and mortars for the charges. Pressed dry clay to keep the fire power of falling on the one hand, and paper rope wick, designed to rekindle the flame – the other side. Hard work and great responsibility – that's what lies at the beginning of any musical fireworks show. But if and celebrate for real, without a bright and beautiful fireworks in honor of the hero for the day – do not!

Education and Associations

Of all the existing associations in the land none is more important in its function educator of what the family. Of the conjugao of two beings, taking care of to the bonds of the affection, it is established constitution of the family with the generation and education of the children guaranteeing the foundations of the civilization. For intermediary of the paternity and the maternity, the man and the woman if become more mature and commit themselves, before the society, to correctly lead the steps of its children? being for responsible them until the majority – and same after it, being examples of life to be followed. We have, of this form, in the domestic institute an organization of divine origin, in whose seio we find the necessary instruments to our proper improvement for the construction of a better world. In this context, a place of prominence and special connotation fits to the woman a time that of it comes the life and that the generated children will depend much more on the mother of what of the father, for the proper condition human being of dependence and survival. The primal relationship of the child with the mother and, consequentemente, decisive the first phase of infancy and the human development, rests in a close relation child/mother – vital phenomenon for the condition human being.

The woman in the familiar seio has, in its hands, the possibility to transform and to lead its offspring? thus delineating the future of the society. Children generated and educated in the love will be men who will promote the peace. Today, the society meets corrupted and deturpada for values multiple unprincipled people and violncias that make in them hostages of our proper fear and inside imprison in them of our proper homes. The family, with frenesi of the modern life loses the habit of the dialogue? a time that the members of the house are always searching its professional, intellectual and cultural perfectionings – and leave to have time to know itself mutually and pass, thus, the mere co-inhabitants of one same ceiling.

The Internal Phenomena Of The Border States

Border. Border pathology characterized by diffuse boundaries of the individual. As a result of processes occurring with the person in therapeutic work, the boundaries of being completed or newly restored. Feeling the appearance of a man of personal boundaries is similar to the feeling that he's got something very beautiful, for example, expensive fur coat. Besides the fact that awareness of the presence of boundaries is perceived as something very beautiful, it is More and a new sense of "dressed". A man with diffuse (permeable, blurred) boundaries feels 'naked' naked, as if standing in the cold, wind-through in the nude. Or as if in room with windows without glass. And the first time after a person discovers the existence of borders, ie the presence of "clothing", "coat", it is in contact with other attempts to again "unbutton his coat," take off "clothes", that is to return to the merger, because of habit, thinking that it ensures the safety of the merger.

In fact, the true safety of a person give his borders, their skill builds the. A merger is like samozabytyu, "delirium" when person is, but does not realize not feel like there is an imaginary lichnost.To safety, security, psychological partial non-existence. The next stage in the awareness of the boundaries may become the "epiphany" that coat in contact can not remove completely, and undo a couple buttons make it easier to talk and gesticulate. Or remove the coat, but not for long as we throw down with all my clothes during sex, but after the close, we always dress again.