Political Profession

In a review of the salaries of the Catalan deputies, now it will be interesting to become political everything is starting! No required studies, or preparation of any kind, only it is necessary to put inside the municipal lists, and with luck it will receive two incomes instead of one. (Over 29% of the Catalan Members receive two public salaries) One because of Councillor or mayor and another for Deputy in the Parliament of the region of the aforementioned people. That only lasts four years?. Good and that. Perhaps it has had to pass an exam or perform a test of capabilities. The only effort that is demanded is left to put his name in the municipal lists and go to the photo. In addition, more than one, it is lasting (the job as politician) more batteries (it seems that it works that recharge the batteries) Moreover, once inside, it is not necessary to have or own criterion, or ability to assess the proposals, nor knowledge to know who vote or what is being voted upon. Or use the logic or the common sense because all that is responsible for the leadership of the party, which is the position, salary and ultimately the profession of politician.

And as there are also members of the party leadership (or occur) characteristics, is not forced to resort to the hiring of outside counsel, which study, propose, advise, and form, among other things, our politicians, even with minimal notions of reading, may reach reading great speeches (made by one or another Adviser). Hence find it difficult if not impossible, you can improve system parliamentary and faced this reality palpable and demonstrable, and faced with the difficulties of finding work, not us surprised how future policy professionals, are disputing finishers in the lists of parties, because in many cases and according to the statistics, we know who have option to be able to exercise the profession of politicianNo matter be menganito or fulanito and by therefore no matter who has made that menganito and that foo to be where this. Do they can do three lawyers, an engineer, an economist, a doctor and a businessman who continue to work despite being members? Because that which has it more crude is the employer, but the others, if they have firm and have been organized to have a good team, even you can go them well, because its name gives prestige and category to the firm by the possible influence. Do that two advisers, four teachers, four directors of the regional government and a Secretary and a Vice President have forgotten?. No, you have not forgotten me. But better to leave it without comment these double salaries.

Already know everyone to get on the list, if there is luck, so that, to live four years with two salaries. Even with the salary of Deputy I am also satisfied. Total don’t have to know anything. Original author and source of the article