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This is a competition in which the survival of one who is more acclimated. The most urgent this problem Commercial sites that are losing millions of ignoring these principles usability (usability). According to Forrester Research and Gartner Group, commerce sites lose 1,1 – 1,3 billion dollars a year due to the fact that customers leave the site, and not waiting for their downloads. 3) Create and maintain your own mailing, e-mail marketing. Own newsletter, this steady traffic. Its own mailing a constant circle of clients.

Own newsletter is free and easy way convey information to a large number of potential customers. Only these three points advantage proves the need for mailing. A simple example. Do you have a site attendance of 300 people a day, while sending 3,000 people. To convey information to 3,000 people must go through 10 days. In the case of mailing of this was noted only 5 minutes.

E-mai1 marketing – the promotion of products or services via e-mail. Tools e-mail-marketing: Mailing lists (mailing lists, 'opt-in' E-mail marketing) Discussion lists (discussions lists) Meeting Web conferencing Usenet (newsgroups) E-mail autoresponders (autoresponders, infobot). As of 2001, managers of over 60% of commercial companies in the U.S. believe that their sales significantly increased through the use of e-mail-marketing. That is the conclusion of the study came Experts Direct Marketing Association (Direct Marketing Association – DMA). According to the poll, in mid-sized business use tool e-mail-enabled marketing to increase sales by 59,8%. Large corporations, on average, recorded, 47.1% growth in revenues, while sales of small companies increased by 42,6%.

The User

These sellers have greater success online sales. Buyers more comfortable and convenient to shop if they know they can get it back if your product will not by what they need and what they expected of him. Your return policy must necessarily include items, which states: Will you charge a service fee, if so, how could the service charge will be included in the price of your product, then it is also necessary to specify Who will pay for the return of goods Back condition. For example, the "undisclosed box" or "open box with all original materials", etc. Step 6 "to respond promptly to questions e-mail" clients that send you a message asking your product, have expressed interest in him and there is a strong likelihood that they will buy your product. Therefore, depending on your speed your sales.

There is a sense in the pages of your product to place, form a relationship with you. For example, "Do you have a question? We will be glad to answer "or" Question about (such and such a product) "The user must enter in the form of your question and your email address for feedback. Customers appreciate fast and personalized Answers. For them, a measure of the severity of your business. Step 7: Explore the possibility of using live chat on your blog "Chat can give you the opportunity to engage customers in the sales process.

It is possible that customers have questions, connected either directly to your product, and with his order that you can explain in a chat. It is a tool that can allow customers to find your business during a conversation with a real, live person and give confidence that you understand their problems. In such a situation is more likely that customer will buy you anything. However, it is very important for you to be able to constantly maintain a live chat, as There is nothing more annoying than waiting for an answer to your query. Step 8: Write competently "Make sure that your blog has no grammatical errors. This is an important element and a sign of the seriousness of your business. Spelling and grammatical errors give the impression not of professionalism. Therefore, always browse the blog, check for errors, or if you are not good at it, hire a professional to improve and edit your recordings. Well, for today. See you on the blog pages. Good luck in your business!

The Best News Construction. Always Stay Up To Date .

The modern community requires from a person at all times remain, as they say in the center of events regularly to stay fully informed of major news. Another way is actually impossible to carry out job responsibilities, In addition and in human communication of any of us who do not know about the latest news, will be at best strange. However, of course, because of the large bias to the attainment of timely and interesting information, significantly to find not only news but – just the best news. Since the amount of information which comes day after day, is so large that a person would need only to touch the news from around the world. On sex work and the time simply would not have left. For this reason, select a suitable source of the most exciting and topical news from around the world – essentially means to achieve success in life. Present man does not enough to receive only the news from some specific areas, even if it is – the branch of his labor activity. Since our livelihoods is formed from a large number of different elements. Required review and major events from the sphere of economy and politics, and of the real estate industry, right. And, of course, innovative and positive attention from the reality, which can assist and create our own validity of a more versatile and save you from a lot of difficulties.

Find the best news of construction – is the main task in order to be able to make our full-fledged reality. And this is no longer need to embark on a difficult journey for a large number of tv channels and portals, e-news center. Only need to enter the best news resource, where you can find only the most imaginative and useful news. In addition, any news will certainly want to discuss. And make it real in a circle of friends or coworkers, as well as directly on the resource, where any fresh news really leave your review, discuss how the author and other users. And also, if necessary, to learn many new things, asking clarifying questions that interest you. Of course, without a fresh and exciting collection of facts today unrealistic to imagine a really successful citizen. Only someone who regularly looks after new developments in society, able to draw any change, even though it will be global or local, in its own favor. News – Is not only a chance to get information, it is also a regular practice of perception. Want to be successful – try to use all recognizable news in order to achieve their own prosperity!

Optimizer Engines

They were more interested in the market value of the site than its external "beautiful". In the first turn, they are given mercantile questions: what are the site positions in search results, promoted as a resource and what is his attendance. This approach to assessing the site is fully justified with a business point of view but not is quite objective, as much in the politics of promotion of sites depends on the skill of optimizers. The results of the ranking issue, as well as high levels of tci / pr are not impartial determinants of the real value of the site and of themselves – are relative. The site can be complete nonentity, but to hold the top positions in the issue until the owners pay the optimizer. Example: seek out any demanded theme, do rewrite, intelligently optimize for search queries, registering in the popular services pumped articles and purchase links.

As a result we base product for earning the highest rating and excellent performance tci / pr. In addition, there is a concept evaluation of sites in terms of search engines, so-called spiders. Robots of search engines give preference in the first place – qualitative information content that is keyword density, the correctness of the network code, quantity and quality of inbound links to your site and some others are not as important indicators. Algorithms of search engines regularly change, but there are some basic characteristics of the site evaluation factors that apply at all times. This is – unique content and external links with influential resources.