Permission To Work In The Russian Federation

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Work permit – a document confirming the right of a foreign worker on a temporary implementation of the Russian Federation work, or the right of a foreign citizen, registered in Russian Federation as an individual entrepreneur, to carry out business activities, (Article 2, “Basic Concepts” Federal Law “On Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation) So the resolution is a document that gives right to a job or business (just business), but the right time. 1. First, you yourself, as a private entrepreneur get permission for its name, for example, even if you are trading in the market, holds the patent and other documents, you still need – permission. 2. The second type of permit is when an organization (or entrepreneur) who hires you to work, must obtain a permit to attract foreign workers.

The employer and the contracting of works (services) are eligible to attract and use foreign workers only if permission to attract and use of foreign workers. A foreign citizen has the right to engage in labor activity only if the work permit (Paragraph 4 of Article 13, “Participation of foreign nationals in the employment relationship” Federal Law ‘On Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation) A foreign citizen can obtain a work permit if it is registered in the Russian Federation as an individual entrepreneur intends to carry on business without a legal entity or is drawn as a foreign worker by an employer or customer of the works (services) on labor contracts or civil – legal contracts within the number specified in the permit to hire foreign workers for employment in the Russian Federation – (item 4 of “General Provisions”, “Regulations on granting foreign citizens and stateless persons, work permit” approved by Government Decree of 30 December 2002, N 941).

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