Western Cooperation

Everything is deep love Nietzsche Japan mask us bequeathed to the West his teachings about the management of the companies according to its principles, traditions, integration teams, culture, philosophy, where many of his achievements have been based on the firmness of putting them into practice, in the all has participation in the use of administrative tools that benefit performanceproductivity, commitment and responsibility. Significant has been for Western development achievements that Japanese management has reached, as well as their strategies, conquests and permanence in the markets in which it participates. Much of their achievements are based on their perseverance, creativity, innovation, technological development in the achievement of a consistent organizational culture where true integration, participation, cohesion of equipment, plus an excellent managerial leadership participatory manifests. Since then, all this also rests in its culture, traditions, commitment, ethics, overcoming such is the case of Kyosei which means to live and work together for the common good, allowing mutual cooperation and prosperity to co-exist with a fair and healthy competition as Ryuzaburo Kaku who was Honorary President of Canon, the Japanese technology company, said it suggests that they should consider the kyosei. This is a corporate credo that he defines as a do spirit of cooperation does with which individuals and organizations working together for the common good.

Kaku ensures that kyosei helped Canon to have a significant and positive impact in many global problems, as it grew and came to become one of the innovators and most relevant technology producers in the world. The implementation of kyosei can be divided into five stages, each of which builds on the other. In the first stage, companies must work to ensure a stream of predictable profits and to establish strong market positions. From this basis, they advance to the second stage, in which executives and workers resolve to cooperate among themselves, recognizing that both groups are vital to the success of the company.