Consulate Visa

Register to submit an application, please visit the consulate. For You must have a valid email address. Registration may be made personally by the applicant for a visa, or for him to invite him to a party or other person. Register to submit an application for a visa free and does not guarantee a visa. A foreigner who wishes to apply for visa over 90 days in the cr must be logged in vizapoint.

Otherwise, it can not be accepted Consulate for an interview and his statement could not be considered. Regrettable only one circumstance, it is a permanent transfer of the start date of the system Vizapoint. Beginning with the first in June 2009, the Consulate constantly moves the effective date of recording electronic queue. Foreigners will prepare documents for filing to June were generally unaware of this innovation Czech Republic. Site consulate just reported that all suspended indefinitely. Many individuals and of course the company dealing with immigration is to hope and expect that the consulate of the Czech Republic and the reign order information will be accessible and transparent to all. Czech Republic has currently carries huge losses in the foreign labor force, the departure of foreigners living in the status of a working visa from the Czech Republic is a fact.

It's no secret, including those for the Czech authorities, which for example, on working visas to enter the Czech Republic are mostly manual workers building specifications. Yes, of such a contingent is difficult to expect a surge of the demographic situation in the Czech Republic and Development mental branches of the Czech Republic. They come for the Czech crown and not much else to feed his family in Ukraine or Belarus. Foreigners are immigrants who come to the Czech family, with its original capital, which has serious plans for the Czech Republic, is the work, life, business, birth of children, buying real estate, education of children in the Czech Republic and more connected with full accommodation and all-round development. Age contingent of Russian immigrants who move to the Czech Republic is the level of 30 40 years old, is the color of the Russian nation, formed and held the young people as a family and a personal note wishing to live in the Czech Republic and raise their children in a free Europe! According to statistics, surveys immigration public living and planning to stay in the Czech Republic the main reason for the move is clearly a children's safety and security of their own family. After these major factors has been going on business development, jobs, investment capital investment, environment and other issues. Abandon such a level of immigrants to the Czech Republic means the rejection of intelligent, educated, wealthy people are able and willing to benefit from its new small home

Working Permit

There are four distinct types of work permits::::: 1. Business and Commercial – an agreement that allows employers in the uk to recruit foreign workers who are not citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA), with employment in jobs, which could work the citizens of the eea. Additional information at Steve Rattner supports this article. :::: 2. Internships and work-practice agreement allowing nationals of countries not eea, to organize an internship working for professional and specialized skills, or the period of passing the working practices. :::: 3. Athletes and artists – an agreement that allows employers in the uk to employ recognized athletes entertainers, artists and employees of certain technical fields who live outside the eea. :::: 4.

Student labor practices – an agreement that allows students, citizens of countries not eea students in tertiary education abroad, take a student practice for the employer in the uk. Additionally, there is a special agreement within the normal rules adopted in accordance with the General Agreement on Trade in Services (General Agreement on Trade in Services – GATS). The agreement applies to employees of companies based outside the eea who should work in the uk under a contract for services, signed with their employer in uk. The company abroad that has a contract for the provision of services, applying for a work permit in the form GATS1. Work permits are issued for a limited period of time, whose command when the candidate is sure that this can occur, should be returned to work permit with a written explanation of the reasons for the issuance of a new valid work permit.

Work Permits For Foreigners

Nevertheless, in order to be able to hire a foreign worker, you must arrange a certain number of documents including work permits for each foreign citizen, and also permit foreign labor force (IRS). Specialists of "Belens" have extensive experience in the processing of work permits for foreigners in obtaining a permit to employ foreign nationals. Depending on the that came from your future employee, a list of required documents may be different. To issue work permits for foreign nationals from neighboring countries the procedure is simplified. This applies to foreigners from the cis countries.

Belarus citizens permission to work in Moscow is not required. Steve Rattner often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Yes, the processing of work permits is not a very complicated procedure, however, an independent campaign for the office and on obbivanie thresholds can take a lot of precious time which you could usefully spend on the solution of other equally important issues. A time – money! Therefore it is better to entrust the processing of work permits for foreigners professionals. Especially beneficial to contact our firm if you have more than 10 future expatriate staff. Work permits for foreigners from abroad can be a bit more difficult, of course, provided that you do it yourself, rather than through a specialist law firm that greatly excelled in the field of obtaining a work permit.

After self-registration permit may take a long time – from 4 months. Obtaining a work permit – this is a mandatory procedure and permission must be obtained every foreigner who wants to work in Moscow and in Russia in general. If only a few years ago, some employers, and disregarded a permit to work in spite of the possible penalties and risks, the situation has now changed, and better secure the peace of mind filling out a work permit for each foreign worker than being subject to serious penalties. To obtain work permits for foreign nationals from abroad is not easy. In addition to work permits in Moscow, for each alien must be still get permission to hire foreign workers. If you yourself have tried to execute the necessary work permit, would spend a minimum of 3.5 months. Much less time required permit foreign labor recruitment and work permit in Russia, if it will take for the lawyers of our company.

The Court

“from the land”). To this end, the investigator makes a separate decision and notify the closest relatives of the deceased. However, if relatives object, requires a judicial decision (Article 165). On hold exhumation of a protocol with the participation of witnesses who can be united with the coroners’ reports. The costs of retrieving corpses from the place of burial and subsequent burial relate to procedural costs. Minutes compiled by the rules item. 166, 167 and applications 4-6, 44, 51, 86 to Art. 476 and signed by all parties. Examination (Article 179, 290) is a type of inspection, the subject of which serves the body of a living person (check animals produced according to the rules for seeing). Carried it on the basis of Regulation (Definitions) of the investigator or the court and only in the professional case. Goal – the discovery on the human body will take special, traces of the crime, injury, identify the state of intoxication or other properties and attributes that are relevant to the professional case, if it does not require the production of forensic analysis.

Examination in the suspect and the accused is mandatory for them to act. With respect to the victim and witness it performed with their consent. However, if the examination is necessary to validate testimony of the victim or witness, it can be done forcibly. As a general rule, examined by the investigator. If necessary, it may involve the participation in the certification physician or another specialist. However, the examination of a person of the opposite sex, paired with its nudity, the investigator directly to the examination room is not present, and self-examination is a doctor, after which the investigator is drawn up. The participation of witnesses for examination under the law is not required. The protocol signed by all parties, its shape is determined by the application 70 to the station. 476. Investigative experiment (Art. 181, 288) is held with the participation of witnesses (with the exception of rules Part 1 and Part 3. 170) to test and refine the data empirically relevant for professional proceedings. The events are reconstructed with maximum accuracy with respect to events that occurred in the past. In this case tests the perception of any facts, certain actions onset of an event, and identifies sequence of the events and the formation mechanism of the traces. Investigatory experimentation is permitted if not created a health hazard of persons involved. Participate in the investigation experiment might suspect, accused, victims, witnesses, experts and other participants in the process.

It seems that participation in the experiment the suspect, accused, witnesses and victims as the person directly performing the reproduction of the actions or events that should be done with his consent. Otherwise, it may be used stand-in or a mannequin. Decision on investigatory experiment takes the investigator, but a special resolution is not needed. The Court makes a decision or determination. Inspection, examination and investigative experiment recorded on the general rules (Art. 166, 167). In addition, the Protocol reflects the calendar, weather, time and other conditions of an investigative action affecting its results, the quality of perception of events that enable participants and their comparison with events that occurred in the past.

Hooke Traffic

Urban roads and sidewalks – a frequent topic of conversation gukovchan. Pedestrians and motorists in the criticism of Hooke roads converge on one point: their condition is terrible. Moreover, both the quality of road surface, and cleanliness – not at the highest level. Guests city, “acquaintance” with our pits, potholes, rough “patches”, always wondering: “How do you drive here?”. One of the readers’ Miner week “phoned the editors literally screaming souls:” We were recently in Mines. Neatly anywhere, pleasant walk down the street, curbs whole. After all, here at one time more than 20 mines were closed, and the city is alive and well “We must give every year we have somewhere so make repairs of the carriageway or sidewalks, but next year they have to redo it.

We asked for comments in an organization related to the control of road maintenance. Lack of presence state roadway street roads and pavements in the city controls the service of road traffic police surveillance ats Gukovo. Under control are about 430 kilometers of roads, of which only 225 paved, the rest – ground. The duties of the service include checking the technical traffic control devices (traffic signs, traffic lights), markings, lighting at night, roadsides, purity “” etc. Over all detected deficiencies are compiled and sent to the acts of the organization responsible for a particular scope of work.

Beer. How Little Now That Word Quality .

At a recent conference held in Germany, it became known that the quality of her not have to wait. Was to clarify that manufacturers add a special bacteria in beer making, and now even the old and expired beer has a fresh smell. And people do, for whom beer almost national product. What can we say about our people, the domestic producers. After all, it is known how they 'care about their quality' and that they profit 'is not serve as a means of cheating customers. " It was found that the bacterium, which was used by unscrupulous manufacturers of beer before used at all in other industries, and did not like the food industry.

Bacterium previously served to clean the air in the stables and ponds. Well, now, and good smell may not be indicative of product quality. And if we had a bad product could still feel on a bad smell, it is now necessary use another method of finding the faulty goods. Let's hope that soon vremni invent how to distinguish mimic the smell of the product. And we can enjoy this beer.


" Repressed citizen has died pending the appeal and the judicial system of the Saratov region was right on the rim – She was right when she landed a man and when he was rehabilitated, was right when placed in a queue for an apartment in length in 16 years, right when it refused to change the way the court the dying person and the right when refused to recognize the illegal omission of the Administration of Saratov and Saratov region Government. Circle. What kind of respect for justice and the law can be discussed after such immoral judgments? Amoral – From my point of view. From the viewpoint of the majority of judges, such a jurisprudence is both morally and legally. It turns out that we have not gone into understanding and interpreting the law in terms of: 'moral' and 'immoral' 'Moral' and 'immoral'. The judicial system of de facto based on the existing morality of our divided society, ie on the second part of a double standard, which the Lord officials understood by default: "the world is divided into ours and not ours! And this does not prevent the principle of uniformity of judicial practice: all citizens are equal before the law without a guaranteed right to a quality judicial decision, and those who 'is' have the right to exercise own interests and without going to court! Under no circumstances will the judiciary will not change the rules of the game, if the company will continue to be satisfied with such quality and substance of judicial decisions.

Inner Conviction

Currently, it is no secret that the judicial system has ceased to act as a "last defender of" victims. Fighting for their rights is no longer the criminals they scorned, and the people that these rights are called protect. So it seems that in Kirov Kirov Region "inner conviction" under which judges must resolve disputes, not something that puts them beyond the scope of existing legislation, but does plunges into a kind of separate, parallel reality. From July 2009 until the present moment is a perpetual confrontation between the victims of a "perverse" government repression Chervyakov Stanislav Alekseevich and Mokerovym Alexander Nikolayevich and the court system. In May 2008, the Office of the Federal Bailiff Service decided to show the "fight against corruption in their ranks. Search for these criminals no one to bother did not – the villains, corrupt officials have been chosen simply objectionable leadership people. Within a month or two was "slepleno" accusation.

At the same time began the most natural-baiting in the media, is note that at the time of publication "revelatory" articles on "Bailiffs fraud, Stanislav Alekseevich and Alexander Nikolayevich was not even indicted. However, the "stretch" fake, hastily made "Evidence" in court failed. The judge dismissed the charges and admitted Chervyakova and Mokerova completely innocent. It seemed that the repressive system faltered. Has been ordered to halt professional proceedings, sent notice of the right to rehabilitation It seemed that the story is almost over, it remains only to take the law guarantees the right rehabilitation, and compensation for dismissal and professional harassment, as well as to reimburse attorneys' fees (without which, apparently, rehabilitation, and does not take place).