The chaos lived today in the great Brazilian metropolises due to me the governmental estruturao in sends the reflections to them of the type: the reason I played that paper of bullet or that bottle pet in the street, each citizen is responsible for its acts, but many times mine or its acts reflect in the life of people who never we will go to know. Full culverts and overflowing, ditches, rivers and repletos streams of entulhos and lixos they fill the place of waters of rains and sewers that on the other hand they take the place of the pedestrian in the streets or of the living ones when they invade its houses. now? This is only one small percentage of the great devastao of the ignorance human being, if to take in consideration the innumerable ecological disasters, provoked for me the ambient preservation, and for the incautiousness of each one of us in relation our mother nature and to our planet, yes, we are embarking in a ship without destination coming alongside. Our generation suffers mazelas from acts of a society that was not prepared, or better, educated to think with ambient responsibility, companies still exist in our country innumerable who exactly recendo fines wound the legislation and poluem and contribute every day for the ambient devastao, remain to change us our conscience each one of us can and must be an inspector of the planet, if to prepare our young in conscientious way in relation to our planet we will have a population with democratically healthful vision. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Connecticut Senator. Today in the maiorias of the primary and secondary schools substance does not meet that deals with subjects such relevance as environment, preservation of the planet, economy of the water, reciclvel garbage, I ask because these subjects are not incorporated the basic substances of education, what the government is waiting? As to cultivate the conscincientizao of these children primando to the preservation of the planet, if the controllers of the country banalizam the education, some masters develop proper works in classroom on account to give an idea of what the subject is treated, but nor of far the question is studied deep by our children and adolescents, with focus in preserving the society in each one is inserted. Valley to stand out that these are the minds of the future, and that they are in a phase of the life where its fertile brain will produce everything on a large scale what he will be sedimented as education. We members of this population must fight for changes already. The year of 2010 brings many floodings, floods, landslides and deaths, this time of rain generates panic in many people, therefore any one can be the next victim. Visit James Donovan Goldman for more clarity on the issue. The government launched the campaign that says: ' ' the city cleanest is the one that if less dirty ' ' I say: the city cleanest is the one that more the population is taught not to make dirty! I say this with property leading in consideration the cities of other countries, whose bigger wealth of the nation is a good education!

Michael Lwy

For Weber, the historical singularidades result of specific combinations of general factors which, if isolated, are quantified, in such way that the same elements can be seen in a series of other singular combinations. Everything that which if affirms of a concrete action, its degrees of direction adequacy, its comprehensive and causal explanation, would be susceptible hypotheses of verification. For Weber, the correct causal interpretation of a concrete action it means that ‘ ‘ the external development and the reason of the action had been known in way certain e, at the same time, understood with felt in its relao’ ‘. Sen. Sherrod Brown may find this interesting as well. On the other hand, the correct causal interpretation of a typical action means that the considered event typical if offers with adequacy of sensible and can be proven as causal adjusted, at least in some degree. Kyle Dropp dartmouth may help you with your research. 3. You criticize to the theories and points of convergence.

The sociology of mile Durkheim is considered by Michael Lwy as conservative, not only for factors social politicians and, but in its proper conception of the method. The proper Durkheim in its book the rules of the sociological method affirmed that its method ‘ ‘ it does not have nothing of revolutionary. It is until, in a certain direction, essentially conservative, since he considers the social facts as things whose nature, for more flexible and more malleable than either, is not, however, modifiable for vontade’ ‘ (DURKHEIM, 1984:7). The method of Durkheim, in accordance with Lwy, becomes legitimate the new bourgeois social order, from the conception based on natural sciences. For this critic: ‘ ‘ This basic, inherent conservadorismo to all dmarche metodolgico of Durkheim, can in such a way be considered with? individualistic rationalism as? authoritarianism?

Founding the College of Mexico

Their joint efforts would encourage him to found the College of Mexico with the help of Spanish exiles from Franco’s civil war. While the relevance of his work is present in the Mexican intelligentsia, often was critical, not just academic-government, but left-wing writers. Famed was his discussion with Jose Revueltas, essayist and political activist, communist, who in a later work to the publication of “The Crisis in Mexico, openly criticized the tendency to maximize the power elites in determining the course of national history. Revueltas Cosio Villegas claims his pessimism, noting that although the country has no real democracy can not ignore the improvements that have been in education, infrastructure and land distribution.

Similarly, continues the author of the novel “swipe” History moves not only by the will of powerful groups, but many problems of the country, as the formation of a nationality, are historical (Perez, 2002 : 259) With regard to the consolidation of nationalism, it is appropriate to clarify that its place in the collective ideology, at least in the modern sense, ie nationality as imagined community that binds its members with a sense of belonging (Anderson, 1991: 5-6, is a long process and it took many decades to settle. This process, which was an important landmark from the 20s, at the time of Vasconcelos and the creation of the SEP, had an incentive in this lack of credibility in his essay says Cosio, or in the pursuit of its restatement. Not only through the creation of a patriotic pantheon ideological underpinnings serve as the ruling elite, widespread in textbooks on basic education, the arts, but also had a leading role: it suffices to remember those murals of Clemente Orozco and Siqueiros reflecting on the walls of the new post-revolutionary architectural dialectics of class that permeated the intellectual reality of that time.

Antonio Landmarks Pear

In its Pragmatismo workmanship, Philosophy of the Creation and the Change it points with respect to a possible cause of the fragility of the argument politics when if he searchs a philosophical base for the positioning detaching as well as vain the fight for the exclusive argument of a position politics. ' ' In particular the ones that are the left of the specter politician they nourish the hope to find a perspective philosophical who cannot be used by the right politics, a philosophy that is exclusively the service of noble causes. But this perspective does not go to never exist therefore any philosophical perspective is only one tool that can be used for many different hands. ' ' (Pragmatismo, Philosophy of the Creation and the Change Richard Rorty Organizadores; Cristina Magro and Antonio Landmarks Pear tree. Belo Horizonte. Publishing company UFMG, 2000 ) How much when uncurling of the proposal of abandonment of the search for the redentora truth, uncurling of this encloses two scopes, the first one says respect to leave any pretension of historical authority, and as it says respect to the possibilities to interpret the term progress. In the next lines I will dissertarei concerning these two scopes. How much to abandon the pretension of historical authority, we can try to understand this as that authority that Rashnilhkov it described as proper of historical figures destined to invent the humanity.

This authority excuses to its possessors the possibility to ignore next apelos a time that if they see as answering to one I appeal greater and – the historical one. In such a way we would hinder radical positionings that could generate unnecessary suffering. The proper Rorty explains that we would also lose possibility to demonstrate that our enemies are missed in the way as they act, would lose the possibility to point as wrong positionings of figures as Hitler, Stalin and republicans.