San Fernando

Despite my exhaustion of that terrible day, at the end of the day I rejoiced imagining the president's son terrified at the thought of having to repeat that exhausting day. Of course, needless to say that I never saw him again. I wonder if after all these years, he remembers that experience like me. And so, among races, scolding unfounded, false stamps facturitas weekends rebel drunk passed the time until I went to the military. I had back then with 19 autumn (fall because I was born in September and March) when fate played a pass that I do not know whether to call it "good morning" or "trick", but in that moment I made see all kinds of stars adventurous.

It dodged the fate of the young men of the replacement of 1981 and I had to go to Ceuta. What a tragedy in my house! My mom, that good but possessive mother put her hands to her head when she found out. But bubbling inside me the urge almost irresistible to leave as soon as possible to live this great adventure called at my door. What a naive! What unconscious! The fact was that not only avoided any kind of appeals to prevent military target so far, but I passed the game. In the month of January 1982 when it picked "the mat" in the barracks of El Batan "to embark on a train from Atocha station to San Fernando, Cadiz, where he was the" CIR16 ", that famous camp military with the Cerro Muriano in Cordoba, enjoyed a reputation as one of the hardest of Spain (no wonder, since there should leave hardened soldiers to units like the regulars, The Legion or The Green Berets).