The Demagoguery Of The Specific Solution

The demagoguery of the specific solution Teodulo front Lopez Melendez why we have called “Socialism of the XXI century” and have to produce an answer that I thought it can not be that of “twenty-first century democracy,” not without clarification on the natural presence of a genuine socialism these days in these times. However, some ads that appear we begin to move in without a collective group that is moving towards a conception of democracy against itself, since it combines the citizenry in general and particular, or what is the same , the assumption by each of the common point of view from their own point of view. As we now have the disjunction prevails: each asserts its own particularity. See more detailed opinions by reading what James Donovan Goldman offers on the topic.. It seems that this is a practice of politics based on “demagoguery of diversity.” It is necessary to rescue the policy as “unthinkable phenomenon” in its “operation as an event.”

That is, release of meaning centered on a philosophy of history and character superstructural. Event’s what stops the mere succession of events and requires interpretation. The starting daily life to rediscover the social. We must innovate in the attitudes and behavior and the theoretical bases that support them. You have to understand the possibilities of the new social fabric to set shared goals that may become aims and objectives of the fight The fundamental bet is that you have to innovate or democracy will shrink. The distrust in politics must be overcome which implies the formation of citizens and give these people a power that exceeds the mere holding of elections.

The Government

I imagine that the machines now tell us how many voters there are on the table and many also have actually voted, but after closing the table. Now well, and after the electoral act test? We must not forget that the opening and closing of machines the CNE technicians do. The members of the Bureau can not touch or manipulate those machines after they have been open, and less still to know those who have voted or not at the table. In fact only technicians removed the listings with the results that had machines after the Act the closing of the Bureau. On the other hand, physical notebook proved to anyone who actually a voter with his signature and his footprint had been on the table and he could go at any time subsequently to this notebook to prove that fact. Now we can no more beyond what indicate the new machines of the CNE.

Do as we would know, after that the Republic Plan to take machines, if these sub-notebooks are or are not adulterated? Simply, we wouldn’t it! And now the best. The Government, desmaterializando, notebook can do invisible to voters. What does this mean? That someone can occur in different polling stations and if your footprint this will effectively there, vote! You don’t need the notebook because your fingerprint and identification will be on machines. The implications of this are scary! How will ensure us that the CNE does not replicate traces of identification of voters pertaining to the ruling party in different polling stations? The Government no longer need doing multiple you cards to the ancient multicedulados of the past but with having them their own identification in different machines will suffice you! Now anyone could be multicedulado. Before was certainly difficult and cumbersome the procedure of getting 5 cards to someone and put those numbers of cedula in different notebooks with different names.

Democracy Exposed: The Tascon List In Venezuela

Democracy is like a forest full of fireflies, beautifies the essence of social life and is only visible to sneak into the night. Alter your secretiveness is spoiling its beauty. The importance of the laws establishing the right to vote in all democratic states is vital, shaping, integration and legitimacy of any government depends on the representativeness of the achieved through universal suffrage enshrined in the constitutions. However, the balance between the secrecy of the vote and the right given to citizens to participate in public affairs has fractured state in Venezuela, thus breaking free of the vote on autonomy and sowed suspicion in a country see how its forest of fireflies lost anonymity and blackens the cloud of totalitarianism. Nobody is willing to say that in Venezuela there is no democracy, but it is debatable that this is a healthy form of government within the meaning of the perennial weakness of its democratic institutions.

The famous “Tascon list” has uncovered the nakedness of a democratic system where censorship is the glue that leads the citizen to take action in fear. The vote is in principle free, but covertly created the conditioning of the apprehension. Tascon gained notoriety in Venezuelan politics by publicly a list of names of people who signed the form to activate the recall referendum on August 15, 2004 to decide on the continuation of Hugo Chavez to the Head of State. Although later the President of the Republic sent to “bury” the list during the V Mobile Cabinet, the “Tascon list” has been the source of all kinds of discrimination that the media has overlooked and which today continues to be a drag for freedom in Venezuela.

Cuban G2

.. We were hoping you kicked out to infiltrate the Cuban G2 as there are on this earth, we were hoping you lie down beyond our borders and clean lead the guerrillas infesting us today, we were waiting for you to assume responsibility imposed on it required the cooperation and participation of FAN in the fight against crime institutionalized. That would have been a full advantage for all it would have been infinitely grateful, General, and would not have tried him a gift, he would have dealt with the full line of duty that would have provided sufficient evidence of its passage through the office of defense, not to mention its very existence. "From now imposing a time of reflection, this humble infantryman paratrooper" My advice (which I will not reveal because I can not assume that this will not be read by a minor) suggests a more severe therapy that Mr reflection . It does not really reach biblical quotations or references to the great Pope John Paul II, or the list of Bush, you have missed in the act, or to put eyes because I am neither small nor grasshoppers … none of that is already today. You had the opportunity, at least have tried to protect our constitution or our institutions or our own, but mature and reviled in point, democracy, you had an enormous amount of time and opportunity to claim his uniform and his oath, to claim the true role of the FAN and voluntarily remained on the fringes, silence, even remained silent to the aberrant aggression recently suffered by the subject of the photos, before the madness unleashed a not very old retired general is no longer doubly very senile. You gave yesterday that remains of "their" FAN who has finished the task of disintegrating and that he saw this coming long ago and you know very well what is going to mean …

No sir, we do not want to see runny … And to all the neo-millennial, who see signs of "world order" at any bullshit and start to excite their timid and belated rebuff, (did you see ?… WAO and facing the Most High! … Bah …), maybe you do not remember, but I still remember Rosendo Clarita sausage in his tank, another general who remained silent and allowed the inadmissible until the magnitude of the burst and tried to actually wash your face at the last minute without realizing that what came out of the "jet" was not water but the tears and blood of a people who not only defended and protected in last moment of his life, "IN" and "FOR" the power … Baduel will be more lean, but it is the same pod … '.