San Rafael Department

Only 233 km from Mendoza City, to the South, San Rafael Department is located. Few places in the world have all the comforts offered by San Rafael for the practice of tourism adventure in Mendoza. San Rafael has it yet there is no doubt: mountains, valleys, canyons and Rapids, places where adventure tourism lovers will find the ideal setting for the practice of this type of activity.However, there is an excursion that excels by emotion, the beauty of the landscapes and the challenge that provides the River, is the decline in the Atuel River, along the Grande Valley rafting. This part of the river also known as aguas blancas, due to the foam that forms with the currents.Every year thousands of visitors enthusiasts want to try their luck aboard boats detailes in one of the places most coveted around the world. Many companies operating in the area, all of them offering transportation to the site where starts the tour, and all the necessary equipment to be counted this time of fun with all the necessary security. With regard to the practice of rafting in San Rafael, there is the low season, since throughout the year is possible to try his luck in the aguas blancas.

The flow becomes descendant between the months of April and September, reaching maximum volume during the summer season. The level of difficulty varies according to the volume of the river and the sector selected for the practice of rafting, generally being of II and III, i.e. moderate. .The peculiar coloration of the waters of the Atuel River makes his view one of the most beautiful on the planet. Given that they are the product of the Andean thaws have a maximum purity, but it is the mineral content which gives it that unique turquoise color. Go rafting on the Atuel River can become a very eye-opening experience for human groups, such as work teams or components of a company, to whom this river can give them the lesson more important than must learn: that only through team work and coordination of efforts it is possible to reach fruition. The electrifying fast alternating River with tranquil backwaters, which give the possibility to recover and win new energies. Definitely is one of the experiences of tourism adventure in Mendoza more fascinating.