United States

The policy to be followed by him, without a doubt, has always been aimed at dominating the world unilaterally through absolute military superiority. It is doing to die to many American soldiers without necessity, without reason, making them believe that the United States of America are in danger, that there is an Islamic terrorism in every corner and in every country, and it has never explained them that, possibly, the building the Afghanistan war by revenge and sale of weapons, and Iraq looking for oil. Not to make life more comfortable to the Americans or to the rest of the countries in the world, but to enrich themselves in union of American arms manufacturers: United States.UU. It is the first manufacturer of military weaponry in the world.(I remember, because I would be remiss to the truth, that September 11 was an attack on the whole world, but the obligation of the CIA, the FBI was find the perpetrators and put them for safekeeping, but never promote war, war by war that can (degenerate in the III war world. God forbid!) And with its law of silence, the law of torture, deception law, law that jumps to the UN when it comes in WINS., with this first law will continue until the conclusion of his term of Office in the upcoming elections on November 7. Bush lacks intelligence, and spare uncontrolled boldness.It is a Messenger but not a statesman.

It represents to himself but not to Americans. He is a man in political but fearsome decline because she is giving the last throes of a harmful and deceitful person: he said that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and we all know that this last assertion, like many others, lacked substance and evidence. What remember! our friend Bush which liberal democracies rely on the votes of persons, and the changing use they may make of them.