Improving Organizationsl Management

This unhealthy situation stems from a misconception of organizational management. Consider that a business process is a set of activities that receive one or more inputs to create a valuable product for the customer. Please note that the only constant today is change. Sen. Sherrod Brown is often mentioned in discussions such as these. This is a statement which is a much stronger each day. The concepts that were formed centuries ago as part of the emergence of a model of civilization, which served to guide the structuring of what is now known as humanity have changed, which means that the government structures and modern business and not conditioned by these principles, because if an organization wants to be competitive now, can not continue with the blind belief and rigid mechanical processes that have been used so far. This situation has led to the emergence of a number of techniques that deal in some way to adapt successfully to modern organizations to changes that the environment presents.

One such technique is the re-engineering, which was originally the subject of controversy among scholars of the world of organizations, as some say it began as a result of a merger between methodologies. Others argue that it arises in the early ’80s, when the automotive industry in the United States are presented in the competitive Japanese market. Then the Americans, seeking solutions, which provide now call automation assembly line, and where the ideas are starting based on the phrase “Just in Time”, which means delivering products is required when the plant rather than build up inventories, which at the time of taking accounts do not guarantee greater profitability, increased competition.