President of the Commission

Doutor Joo Sarti Baptist, This was the way that I found to communicate me with the Direction, has seen its little availability to receive the associates ‘ ‘ comuns’ ‘ in hearing. Obstinate, its secretary after to certify itself of the name of the associate who intends an interview, always makes use of the classic excuse: ‘ ‘ The president is in meeting and she does not have hour for encerrar’ ‘ Menosprezando me in hostile way, Mr. did not come back me when he asked for to me that he waited its return of the inspection that would make to the social hall, in the afternoon of the day where I intended to speak to it on the physical aggression of that I was victim in the field club, in 19/09/2010. In the occasion I requested that the inspector identified the aggressor and cultivated a BO.

People who had witnessed the facts had offered themselves as witnesses and its names had been annexed to the report of the inspector. I waited the enough time for hearsays, mine and of my witnesses. Such did not occur, and for my surprise, without more nor less received an official notice official that sentenced ‘ ‘ remaining proven the guilt of the partner in the facts, it is applied the same the penalty of suspension of 90 dias’ ‘. Douta Commission To discipline it nominated that you transformed me of victim into male defendant, so only for the reading of the defense presented for the aggressive coward! Coward yes, therefore I was attacked by the coasts, without defense possibility. Details can be found by clicking Harold Ford or emailing the administrator. President, as he explains the fact to you of that somebody that was victim of a coward aggression inside of the limits of the club, and searching endorsement in the Statute and the Direction to safeguard its rights, either transformed into male defendant, judged and condemned in an only meeting of a malfadada Commission To discipline! is known there had quorum for its accomplishment, has seen the fact to have one of its integrant ones affirmed not to have appeared to that session; however its presence is certified by the President of the Commission.

DSR Professional

In cases of pathological expressions of the sexuality they only must receive adequate accompaniment professional In if treating to men and women bigger and capable to state its will freely and its desires, without attacking other people’s right, the rule must be the tolerance. Homosexuals, bissexuais, transgneros, travestis must be respected in the reality of its condition. These sexual orientaes are not associates to a character, to the decency nor to the ethics, qualities that can exist in such a way in those citizens how much in heterosexuals. The homofobia (the aversion to the homosexuals) is unacceptable in a solidary society, that must receive and protect all its members, independently of sexual orientation. Advances: The Federal Public prosecution service possesss a work group on sexual and reproductive rights (GT DSR), that it has acted to make to be valid the respect to the sexual diversity, to fight the discrimination of sort and sexual orientation and the traffic of people for ends of sexual exploration. It defends, for example, the recognition of the decurrent rights of the union of people of the same sex and the adjusted public assistance of health to the travestis. In 2010, the National Conference of Education recommended following in relation to AXLE VI – Social Justice, Education and Work: Inclusion, Diversity and Equality, in relation to the item Sort and Sexual Diversity: ' ' i) To consider and to guarantee measured that they assure to the travestis and transexuais people the right to have its increased social names to official documents (daily of classroom) of the institutions of ensino' ' (Final Document, P. 144).

the use of the social name in the documentation from the 21 years. Launching of the stamp Disk 100 in Manaus in day 17 of May. Approval of the homoefetiva Union Diversity and Human Rights X Prostitution: Voluntary commercial activity that understands ' ' a contract sexual' ' it enters the professional of the sex and its (s) customers. BRAZILIAN NET OF PROSTITUTES Defends the legal recognition of the profession – regulamentarismo. However, this regulation does not have to contain requirements that go against the citizenship. Ministry of the work already recognizes prostitution as professional activity, in the Brazilian classification of occupations (cbo).

The member of the house of representatives Fernando Gabeira (PV-RJ) believes that the image of Brazil in the exterior does not go to move from the approval of the Project of Law 98/03, of its authorship, that legalizes prostitution. Consideraes Final our challenge while educators, cuidadores responsible for the security and the welfare state it is in valuing the individualism, detriment of the thoughts and class actions and recognizing the diversities in its multiple forms. It is the commitment of all professional, engaged in the proposal of transformation of the society. This change also is a challenge for the too much social individuals that, acrticos to this process legitimize, it, banalizam or most of the time they tend to naturalize them, not recognizing the potential of intervention of collective in the transformations of the society, strengthening the lines of direction influential conservatives in determined period of the historical process. ' ' Nobody is born hating another person for the color of its skin, for its origin or still, for its religion. To hate, the people need to learn: e, if can learn to hate, can be taught amar' ' (Nelson Mandela). Francisca Elizabeth N Souza/BETH SOUZA