The most compelling reason to travel in a private jet is perhaps that least expect. In a nutshell, it is profitable. Private flights or charter flights make sense in the final balance, since it allows the productive use of a non-renewable resource: time. Studies conducted in leading companies in relation to the value of the hours worked by its executives, conclude that hourly means thousands of euros, so time spent flying, coupled with the frequent annoyances of commercial flights is literally, a lost good for companies. Executives of all levels are learning that in a company plane or private plane trips increase the amount of time that is spent productively within one business day.

In this way they consider that air freight charter flights is often less expensive than commercial flights, if we consider the cost of your time. Numbers can be very surprising. A recent study compared the times used by commercial airlines and private jets during a period of 12 months, showed a saving of $379,000 for the company that opted to use charter flights. The private company aviation reduced the total travel of 630 hours of time on shopping trips to 251 hours, a reduction of 379 hours. Savings resulted in $1000 per hour.

Whether to invest up to 120 hours per year in commercial flights for a company, a private jet is an excellent cost-effective option. In a private jet, under his total control, eliminates the airport check-in, the process of wasting time changing tickets plus additional land travel, simply upload to your plane and a car at the end of the flight. Additionally, due to the large number of airports serving smaller planes, is the Executive who flies on private jet much easier to reach your final destination. The route of a private jet is completely at your discretion. Therefore, a more effective business agenda would totally possible.