Public Prosecutor

As a result, vehicle weighing error in the measurement of up to 30%. Appeals to the Public Prosecutor of the results do not give. Extortion at checkpoints weight control are flourishing. Another phenomenon in Russia is the introduction of annual seasonal time constraints of freight vehicles on the roads of national significance. Given the size of the rf spring thaw lasts 3 months, ie almost 25% of working time truckers inside countries do not have the right to work. No industry can not afford not to work of the year. Moreover, international carriers (Baits, Belarusians, Ukrainians, , Germans, Poles, Turks, etc.), these restrictions do not apply.

Their trains to move freely on Russian roads, often engaged in sabotage. Why is a clear discrimination of our carriers? In 2006, the Russian Constitutional Court has recognized such an order Federal Road Agency unlawful and quashed it. After that it was "issued" Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, signed by Fradkov, me, and 2007. again at 3 months all paralyzed transportation. In 2007. was adopted by the Federal Law 257 from 08.11.2007g On roads and road activities in the Russian Federation ", which" legalized "this vicious practice of road closures. Analysis of the Order and the Appendices to disclose trend towards the elimination of Russian carriers. Maximum allowable values of loads on the axle of the vehicle selected as "literacy" that, according to specifications on separate roads rf 3 months should not go on a voyage or even a blank tractor, and even more so with the trailer.

Pure Negative

Finally, while on the road, often observed Tayan asphalt. Of course, when the sauna is too grandiose a very negative impact tires undergo first cars. Although they rather worn. more steam rooms and drought contribute to the formation of a great number of fires. So in closing time, we regularly witness such horrible events.

Probably on their own and managed to fog are formed in the combustion time, vosozdaet does not only in typical real danger on the highways of the shift for the worse, apparently, because in cold blood and has more or less a huge impact in part on physical condition of drivers, the ruling means of transportation. In addition to pure and single plus easily and simply year period is reasonable is generally a very long daylight hours, which multiplies the working times of the carrier. Felt as if frost we see again just very, very negative effect on the infrastructure of transportation of goods often repeating the same kind of easy road surface, but also a means of movement, which, as simply a tiny baby need to insulate safely provide him podmerznut. Of course rainfall quickly repeats the form of snow did not have time to leisurely clean. Although, well, and at differences temperature is easily clear there is ice on the highways. In any case, riding in those criteria in their own tiny whom great pleasure. Perhaps the processing part of pavement is quite various reagents adds little hostile corrosive effects on the vehicle too. Finally, it adds a negative winter and not much short daylight hours.

For this reason, in this period, the timing delivery is much increased little by little. I think so and the driver feels terrible not comfortable, since soon after the window birthmark truck minus 30 or 40. I hope not encouraging and easily and simply in the autumn and is mainly a spring. Thus, it is not much repeated periods of fog and black ice on highways. So, to make transfers of such criteria was needed to more easily still cautious. By the way, do not need little by little and forget about the really negative impact on the way rainfall is often the same form as rain, they multiply the danger of origin inert slip. Perhaps there really need all the concrete experience of government motor tool. Perhaps, quite often from the downpour floods occur regularly, koi easily sweep in the typical asphalt pavement and cause damage is easily the same trucks in parking lots. They say that because of the pure and strong temperature changes often occur decently hurricanes. In the end, and dramatically declare that you are not lucky tight ring soon to your travel companion wakes it does a natural act. For this reason, when you are traveling in a really long ride to work on the truck to listen to weather monitoring areas where you schedule a visit. Most likely you will give such a precious help in a way. I suppose, be very careful with high speed take care of yourself.