Sir Francis Drake

Pioneer Caribbean and Sargasso Seas, as well as the Bahamas and the Antilles is the Spanish admiral Christopher Columbus. His first expedition (1492 -1493) came from Palos August 3, 1492 from the Canary Islands, she turned west, crossed the Atlantic Ocean, revealing the Sargasso Sea, and reached (October 12, 1492) Islands in the Bahamas archipelago, named by Columbus San Salvador. Visiting a number of islands, Columbus, October 28 – December 5, went to the north-east coast Cuba. December 6, he reached the island of Haiti and moved along its northern shore. On the night of December 25, the flagship "Santa Maria" sat on the reef, but the crew escaped.

During his second voyage (1493-1496) Columbus discovered the Lesser Antilles, as well as the island of Puerto Rico and Jamaica. Soon after Columbus European powers began to fight for supremacy in the Caribbean. They gave permission to the sailors to plunder ships of other countries. The dangers of travel led to a rapid Development of insurance. Thus, in the navigation types of voluntary insurance soon became quite numerous. These adventurers are called Buccaneer or filibusters, terrified by the merchants and travelers.

These adventurers often drew strength against all vessels, without considering their origin. A team of pirates often consisted of sailors, who were not like the heavy naval work and strict discipline, were among them and the prisoners from the captured ships. Part of the production team captain and left himself and the rest of the right to receive the king. "Romantic exploits" of pirates becoming some story of adventure novels. Of the many thousands of pirate fame is not everything: the terrifying Edward Teach (Blackbeard), William Kidd loser, the famous Sir Francis Drake – English admiral. He has led many pirate raids, made around the world journey. In 1588, led by Drake defeated the Spanish fleet was the "Invincible Armada" which threatened England. The most famous of all the Caribbean pirates is considered to Henry Morgan, who later became governor of Jamaica. He devoted special chapters of the monograph and in all historical studies of Caribbean piracy, writer, Rafael Sabatini, largely relied on the story of his life when creating the image of Captain Blood. Legends of treasures hidden by pirates off until better times, still attract the Caribbean adventure.

Car Travel

Before you go on a journey by car must be prepared properly, especially if you plan to go on a wild and uninhabited places, which means you will not wait on good local residents. Charges in the way this thing which can not be serious concerns negligent. So first and most important thing the car is of course particularly car no choice, if you’re not a millionaire and you do not have a huge garage with a car on a daily basis. However, it is worth to pay attention to your route and assess the capabilities of your machine, if she can go on the road and the central belt of swamps, deserts launches in Asia, potholes Karelia, the Urals and the Altai foothills, or by motorways in Europe. So draw up the parameters on which to consider the possibility of your car: cross-country capacity and climatic and weather features replacement parts for the unexpected repairs fuel, but rather its presence in some regions of the most important thing the car should be prepared for the selected route. If you plan to travel at night, you should think about their sleeping bags or places for recreation.

However, it should remember that night do not sleep two – this is a driver and so-called ‘mate’. The second question is to whom to address it. ‘Where to live during tours?’. If you do not consider options with hotels and recreation departments, there remains tent. Fortunately during trailering weight tent has no value, so you can choose from simple to ultra-modern and multi. Also pay attention to the presence of the field kitchen from set of dishes and ending with a table and chairs. Kitchen Obviously, it’s best to cook on portable gas stoves, do not forget spare balloons and boilers. Tea and coffee is best to take a small aluminum kettle, which much faster than heat.

Products Even if you’re going to travel through densely populated arrays, do not forget the spare food, you never know where you can catch the night. A need for products and portable refrigerator. Perhaps that’s it, we have described only the basics about who we should not forget preparing for a journey by car, the rest is already one chooses his own from my own experience.

The Boys

In this we had to make sure when we find them – time to find the right direction took a lot …. Finally, however, orient, climb up the side of the mountain massif Achishkho, the road gets worse and worse. … We have to park your car and walk through the woods fundukovuyu, which turns into a real forest. We knew that the dolmens are located somewhere on a hillside near the river Beshenkov.

Well, we found Beshenkov once, she gave herself murmuring, but with dolmens had more complicated. Have long walked along the river, occasionally climbing on the neighboring hills and inspecting them. Nothing. And it was not a soul around, no one to ask, as intuition suggests no. Nicely, of course … the mountains, forests, snow, river. But in December, gets dark early, a little more prolaziv in fruitless searching, we decided to return. Still, the dolmens appreciated our patience and let us look at them! Already at the exit of the forest we met a man with two children.

For the first time in a few hours we saw the people, and they also came to look at the dolmen. One of the boys had been there before and knew exactly where they are. It turned out that it was very close, and that we have twice were only 10-15 meters away from them and managed not to notice anything. Justify us only that the dolmens were quite small, just over one meter in height. At dusk we looked at 6.7 dolmens.


Today we have a high tenor of life, we are living a new era of gold, of the technological revolution. We think big, we are big and our beliefs should be the size of our greatness. All have ability to success; the only thing that prevents us from applying it are limited beliefs, misconceptions and mental barriers that stop us to attract abundance to our lives and to achieve the wealth that we want. It’s amazing to know that with all the abundance of information that is at our disposal there are many people around the world who still believe the lies and distorted messages about money and wealth which are not other than psychological manipulations; that way it is easier to enslave the crowd for the benefits of someone, like the Government, the mass-media what chance have earn money, acquire wealth if we feed our minds with beliefs of scarcity and replace This malignant viruses that enslaves our minds? Also I seem to false beliefs that it is a sin to be rich; who wants to become rich has to sell his soul and only the poor have good principles and humility by nature, that is, money is the root of evil. I ask you, does it is possible to think that way or something very serious I think only my? We have to delete these beliefs implanted in the mind from childhood, modify them since they prevent us from achieving a high level of prosperity that is up, living the life we deserve and makes us lose self-esteem, doubting the own value as a human being. It is necessary to undertake deep, long-lasting changes in mind and continually assess awareness.

The universe is a place of enormous wealth at the disposal of anyone who understands give value with its creative ability. Being successful is our nature. Wealth is our natural state and happiness is inherent in our life. Our mind is powerful as a dynamite. Our power to build wealth is colossal. Let flow freely power mental and we endeavour always something better, we look for refining to attract abundance and bring happiness and good life. The money is so good; What llavamos everywhere as a couple and we love it because it is the symbol of abundance and inner well-being.

The way in which we relate to money and the importance that has for us expresses the way in which we perceive the world. Money adds something significant to our lives, i.e., being more powerful, confident of ourselves, we are happy and enjoy unlimited prosperity. Wealth is something so rewarding for anyone who is predisposed to grow, develop, Act and perform, feel good and happy. We feel completely happy and made as a people if we safe by our financial stability, about our future. Money amplifies our character and be. Who is good without money, could become even better with money and help economically, donate smiles to the disenfranchised. The important thing is to not become greedy, but keep us generous and healthy belief that money is always good, generates value and abundance, and is the root of the kindness of all the wonderful things that are indispensable for a dignified and full of happiness existence.

Cheap Holiday

After a hard year of work, all deserve a rest period to forget our problems, but in the majority of cases our own economy requires us to find a cheap holiday as only option. Arise travel to Fuerteventura all inclusive a choice isn’t too much face, contrary to what may seem if we think of the term all inclusive. Ahead of the others to get your cheap holidays looking ahead is more likely to be able to find travel to Fuerteventura all inclusive for a reasonable price. If we anticipate the summer season, there are a wide variety of hotels on this island from just 50 euros (depending on, is clear, the category of the hotel) where you will have everything you need and will only have to worry about enjoy your rest. If you want to save even more, you can choose an apartment for your cheap holidays and once in, adapt spending to your own budget. Sun and beach with Fuerteventura all inclusive trips the main attractions of this island are its coast and its climate. Therefore, to fully enjoy your stay in it, ideally opt to travel to Fuerteventura all inclusive. In the hotel you can enjoy the best service, and passes out while on him, you can dedicate it to relax in its immense beaches. If you have several days, the ideal is to know the different types of beaches that make up the island. A day can opt for a white sandy beach, another day by a volcanic beach of black sand, or even sections of the coast included in parks.

Mountain Bike

The distant town of Potrerillos is 69 km from Mendoza City composed an interesting palette of offerings for lovers of tourism adventure, providing options of practice skiing, horseback riding, hot springs, or rafting. Potrerillos is located in what is called corridor andino, a purely tourist circuit that runs along route national 7, occupying a part of the front foothills. Circulating large number of rivers, streams and other smaller watercourses in the area of Potrerillos, forming one of the more interesting scenarios for the practice of rafting in Mendoza, among many other activities that can be practiced in this beautiful region. The Potrerillos reservoir, which is on the Mendoza River, forms a Lake of about 900 has surface. This dam was built in the city of Mendoza, in the year 2001.

Built to regulate the flow of the River, and in turn generate hydroelectric power, providing nearly 60 percent of what is consumed in the province. All around the Lake there is a large number of companies and services to tourism. One of the activities It has gained more adherents in recent times is the practice of windsurfing. It happens that the prevailing winds in the area make this reservoir constitute one of the best places in the world for this sport. In both, those wishing to practice an activity with a little more adrenaline, can make excursions which is carried through the tumultuous Mendoza River on a raft, trying to overcome the many obstacles and jumps to this correntoso River presents. Thus it is possible to organize a consists of two-day excursion, during which you may practice Mountain Bike and trekking to rappel. Subsequently, in the second day can be canopy, and finally, a journey of about 12 km from the Mendoza river rafting…

This variety of activities it is only possible in a place like Potrerillos, where local geography help with incredible scenarios, they leave visitors breathless before the magnificence of nature. Ultimately, Potrerillos is the place ideal for lovers of tourism adventure, given that practically all the disciplines that comprise it can be carried out in this beautiful corner of Mendoza. As for rafting, we can find different stretches of the river that will offer different type of difficulty, according to what look for the person. Therefore, rafting in Mendoza has a coveted worldwide tourist destination.

Shanghai City

The Asian continent in recent years has been a discovery, until recently barely we knew to locate it on the map but currently there are many people who have visited this place and even visit it regularly. These visitors are looking for first and foremost learn new traditions, new landscapes to those who are not accustomed. If we want to travel to this continent we have many options, to choose only we have to stop and think a moment that is what we want, beach or mountain, landscapes or culture and we can even choose depending on the landscape that we want to see. For our trips to China we can travel to magical as Hong Kong or Beijing sites, here we find the great wall of China, one of the seven wonders of the modern world and which has more than 8,000 kilometers long. Another place that we have to know in Beijing is the Tian An Men Square, no doubt a symbol for the Chinese and the plaza mas grande del mundo. Another city that we visit is Shanghai, the city most populated of China and of the more populated areas of the world.

It is a cosmopolitan city, cradle of the design and culture. Japan is not less than China, is one of the countries most visited Asia. Osaka is the third city more big in Japan with a population of 2.7 million people. Osaka Aquarium, its Museum, the Museum of Oriental ceramics or the Sumiyoshi Park are its great treasures Tokyo is its capital, is in the Center – East of the island of Honsh. In it are large national parks as Chichimeco-Tamamamamamama, Meiji no Mori Takao, Fuji-Hakone-Izu or that of the cualara, which is a candidate to be heritage. Other very visited Asian countries that we can be replicated for our tours and trips are Thailand, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Maldives, or Laos.


The most compelling reason to travel in a private jet is perhaps that least expect. In a nutshell, it is profitable. Private flights or charter flights make sense in the final balance, since it allows the productive use of a non-renewable resource: time. Studies conducted in leading companies in relation to the value of the hours worked by its executives, conclude that hourly means thousands of euros, so time spent flying, coupled with the frequent annoyances of commercial flights is literally, a lost good for companies. Executives of all levels are learning that in a company plane or private plane trips increase the amount of time that is spent productively within one business day.

In this way they consider that air freight charter flights is often less expensive than commercial flights, if we consider the cost of your time. Numbers can be very surprising. A recent study compared the times used by commercial airlines and private jets during a period of 12 months, showed a saving of $379,000 for the company that opted to use charter flights. The private company aviation reduced the total travel of 630 hours of time on shopping trips to 251 hours, a reduction of 379 hours. Savings resulted in $1000 per hour.

Whether to invest up to 120 hours per year in commercial flights for a company, a private jet is an excellent cost-effective option. In a private jet, under his total control, eliminates the airport check-in, the process of wasting time changing tickets plus additional land travel, simply upload to your plane and a car at the end of the flight. Additionally, due to the large number of airports serving smaller planes, is the Executive who flies on private jet much easier to reach your final destination. The route of a private jet is completely at your discretion. Therefore, a more effective business agenda would totally possible.

Pharmacy Online

If you are not familiar with the thermic effect of food (ETA), the idea is that the amount of energy that the body uses to process food influences the amount of calories burned during the process. If you eat the right foods, the ETA can burn up to 10% of the calories you consume. If you eat too much fat, the heating effect will be very low, since fat is used easily by your body. If you eat a lot of protein, your body will become you more difficult to make use of the calories you eat, and your metabolism in a food rich in proteins can be up to 30% greater than in a fatty food. Even a meal filled with carbohydrates will require up to 4% of the calories used for food processing.

The thermal effect of food may help to explain the success of diets high in proteins. Is the thermal effect of food useful? Let’s say that you eat a 300 calorie meal composed entirely of proteins. You can expect that more than 80 calories are only used for the digestive process. So that leaves you with less than 220 calories from your meal for 300 calories. Multiply this by several hundred meals and will have some significant reductions in calories.

There is some evidence that the TEF can be further multiplied through regular exercise, especially weight training. It is said that some complex carbohydrates and foods rich in fiber go beyond this, being so complex to digest your digestive system burns more calories trying to decompose them than the calories that these foods contain. Cayenne pepper, celery, chili sauce, coffee, fennel seeds, garlic, ginger, grapefruit, mustard, parsley and sauce are frequently cited as cases of this criterion. A study to determine the degree of realism of the ETA theory was conducted in Australia. The study participants were fed with plenty of fish, while the control group was fed with the same number of calories but with less protein rich foods. Those who ate fish lost 22% more weight than the control group.

Aconcagua Trekking

In the relentless pursuit of the sereshumanos find themselves strong emotions are part of esteproceso… It is evident that there are emotions and emotions. If we talk about mountain climbing, perhaps some pretenderian scale OlimpusMons (Mount Olympus) on Mars, 22 km of height and 624 km wide volcano.In the would fit several cities as Mendoza. But speaking of Mendoza to earthly yretornando, there you will find the unique opportunity of hacertrekking in the Aconcagua: the highest peak in the southern hemisphere with almost 7000metros in height. And that was mieleccion on an unforgettable trip to the ciudaddel wine and Sun, with a historical significativatradicion since its founding in 1561 make many deductions around the origins of the Terminoaconcagua. One of the most accepted is that it is derived from the Aymara, dondeKon-Kawa means Monte Nevado, reminding us of esapermanente condition of having the calls nievesperpetuas. The araucanos in Chile, gave him the same name calling to the rioque Aconca-Hue which means that it comes from the other side.

In quechua terminals is considered which means Sentinel of stone from deltermino Akon-Kahuak. As you can see all speak sobresignificacion related to the exceptional character of this historic montanasimbolo Latin American events and where it acquires the name the magnificent Agency who organized my trip: Kahuak. Dejenmereconocer their guides and experts made gala of its efficiency of the quepodemos reflect that he was at the height of this giant MonteNevado. I found with various options, ymas well stunned, because stretched from a decision to see what was very difficult given the wide variety of opcionesexistentes to cualadherirme. And it is quepaareciera who is taking the time machine and returning to enque times our ancestors roamed these wonderful places in loin decaballos, perhaps as amazed as us by the exuberance and grandezadel Andean landscape. If this I add to the benefits delmontanes, their typical roasts and the timely presence of good vinomendocino, is completed the triad of divinity inolvidablede a journey that never should never end.