Andrew Corentt

The happiness concept generally is related to moments of satisfaction that they have to do with the satisfaction of the senses, for example to buy a new car, to live in an immense house, to achieve the success, to travel, to share, etc. All those are experiences that satisfy the body, the soul to a certain extent but they are fleeting, although it does not mean that we must resign to it. The true happiness consists of finding our essence spiritual that it goes beyond this physical world, much people thinks that the death exists but that only is concerning the body, but exists something greater than it is our soul that transfers the conscience and the time. In the book I Am Happy, I I am Rico de Andrew Corentt is great secret to us on the operation of the universe, we must there recognize that our great intention must be to obtain the illumination and to surpass the illusion of the time, the life and the death, that is to find us with our own infinite essence of being able beyond our perceptions. What I must make to obtain it? action always must be inherent to the man, but each thing that we do we must make it with indifference, tranquillity and seeding the seeds of the love constantly. You do not have to think about the past nor about the future, all their energy must would concentrate in now, are thanked for and so she has, do the best thing, enjoy the things tranquillity, avoid to fall in the addiction because this brings attachment to this material illusion and that entails suffering.

I can look for the abundance? In fact you always have been and is abundance, are his beliefs those make that it perceive a different world, you you must persecute what wishes but changing its belief in order to show what it already knows that he is his, the actions are necessary but they must take control of benefit, with tranquillity feelings. You can have what wants but you remember that as soon as is an election, imagines that sees fall a leaf of a tree, is a peace sensation, in fact you know that within you there are the very many essence greater than now she can perceive. Benefit of the wonders of the life no like things other people’s to you but like integral part of its own universe, it remembers at any moment that at unconscious level all we are united with the infinite unconsciousness of God.