The Boys

In this we had to make sure when we find them – time to find the right direction took a lot …. Finally, however, orient, climb up the side of the mountain massif Achishkho, the road gets worse and worse. … We have to park your car and walk through the woods fundukovuyu, which turns into a real forest. We knew that the dolmens are located somewhere on a hillside near the river Beshenkov.

Well, we found Beshenkov once, she gave herself murmuring, but with dolmens had more complicated. Have long walked along the river, occasionally climbing on the neighboring hills and inspecting them. Nothing. And it was not a soul around, no one to ask, as intuition suggests no. Nicely, of course … the mountains, forests, snow, river. But in December, gets dark early, a little more prolaziv in fruitless searching, we decided to return. Still, the dolmens appreciated our patience and let us look at them! Already at the exit of the forest we met a man with two children.

For the first time in a few hours we saw the people, and they also came to look at the dolmen. One of the boys had been there before and knew exactly where they are. It turned out that it was very close, and that we have twice were only 10-15 meters away from them and managed not to notice anything. Justify us only that the dolmens were quite small, just over one meter in height. At dusk we looked at 6.7 dolmens.