The Demagoguery Of The Specific Solution

The demagoguery of the specific solution Teodulo front Lopez Melendez why we have called “Socialism of the XXI century” and have to produce an answer that I thought it can not be that of “twenty-first century democracy,” not without clarification on the natural presence of a genuine socialism these days in these times. However, some ads that appear we begin to move in without a collective group that is moving towards a conception of democracy against itself, since it combines the citizenry in general and particular, or what is the same , the assumption by each of the common point of view from their own point of view. As we now have the disjunction prevails: each asserts its own particularity. See more detailed opinions by reading what James Donovan Goldman offers on the topic.. It seems that this is a practice of politics based on “demagoguery of diversity.” It is necessary to rescue the policy as “unthinkable phenomenon” in its “operation as an event.”

That is, release of meaning centered on a philosophy of history and character superstructural. Event’s what stops the mere succession of events and requires interpretation. The starting daily life to rediscover the social. We must innovate in the attitudes and behavior and the theoretical bases that support them. You have to understand the possibilities of the new social fabric to set shared goals that may become aims and objectives of the fight The fundamental bet is that you have to innovate or democracy will shrink. The distrust in politics must be overcome which implies the formation of citizens and give these people a power that exceeds the mere holding of elections.