The First Flight

This story takes place seven years ago. I was 15. My name is Maxim. By nature I am romantic, at least down to earth and a mathematician. November 27 somehow appeared in the middle of the night in the yard, it was cold. Took out a broken cigarette, lit it. As always took a look at the stars. Suddenly, out of the roof appeared something like a ball.

It was scary. He was barely lit and I did not notice that the ball is on the tail of the aircraft, similar to a pyramid with three sides and pointed ends. In size he was as a fighter. I was shocked, and, pardon the expression, I almost pissed. I would not move, if not cold, he began to tremble. Unable to stand, I stepped to the side door of the house. See: the bottom of the pyramid face was down, inside was a bright light.

Sam Ball also became brighter light. I seem drawn into it. A few minutes later I climbed on this face on the ship From the fear, I closed my eyes. I started to roil. This happens When I travel by public transport. Light began to fail, but the walls were not visible. Inside the ship seemed much larger than the outside. When the lights finally went out, I squatted down and closed his eyes again. His head appeared the thought of green men who are going to cut me into pieces, mutants, ready at any moment from me chop off a piece of meat opened my eyes, I saw a star, then another and another.