The Functions

Costuma if to say that the study of Freud on this riot it was responsible for the beginning of the psychoanalysis, therefore through the symptoms of its patients and the improvement of the same ones through the method for it created of free association (where the patient speaks on its problems without rules specifies). It contemporary would histeria of conversion in the society became ' ' relativamente' ' rare, but she changedded herself into great ' ' epidemia' ' in the start of century XX. The patients, who in its majority were young, single, having of if to collate with its sexuality and the interdictions imposed for the values and norms of the societies conservatives of the end of century XIX beginning of century XX, finished for ' ' romper' ' with the society and its rigorous normal moral. As solution for such conflict the citizen ' ' produzia' ' a rupture neurotic, which the desire and its interdiction found expression for the way of the symptoms neurotics. According to Blacksmith (2007, p.48) it describes: ' ' We see the neurosis as soon as constitutes, in the freudiana psicopatologia, the expression of a citizen in blind and automatic fight against its proper tendncias.' ' Freud defines would histeria thus it of conversion: ' ' The symptoms of organic afeces, as it is known, reflect the anatomy of the central agency and are the sources trustworthest of our knowledge regarding it. Therefore, we have to discard the idea that in the origin of would histeria is situated some possible organic illness ' ' (Freud, 1888, P. 85). Analyzing carefully not only the psiquismo, but consequent physical symptom would histeria that it of conversion produces the analyst searchs ' ' atalhos' ' physicians for the dissolution fastest, more ethical human being and in the relation with analyzing. According to Freud (1926 apud DALGALARRONDO, 2000, p.65) ' ' He has in the mind a force that exerts the functions of a censorship and excludes from the conscience and of any it influences on the action all the trends dislike that it Call then these trends ' ' recalcadas.' ' They remain unconscious e, if the doctor tries to bring them it conscience of the patient, provokes ' ' resistncia' '.