The Georgians

In general, we have one problem, it has always been and always will be – this is to establish life in the country. I honestly did my job, I do not blush at that. AR: – What is the sum, "not" what is happening now in the country? A: – There is a very hard to attack the current leadership. The situation is built in such a way that it would build up to war, to the recognition of our country by Russia. Republic of trying to drive back to where it was in 2001. AR: – Who builds on this situation? A.: – The Georgians and the West once again developed the activity in our direction. All served as a kind of internal political strife, but in fact trying to drive the republic back where it was in 2001-2002-th year.

Then on Our leadership has a lot of pressure – and from Georgia, and from a number of Russian groups – with a view to enable it to Georgia, to achieve a "restore Georgia's territorial integrity." However, after 2001 presidential election … AR: – When Kokoity came to power? A: – Yes, when was elected president Kokoity, it became clear that the attempt to force South Ossetia, against the will of the Ossetian people, against all odds to drive us back to the Georgia – has failed. AR: – You want to say that Russia has also compelled to enter South Ossetia into Georgia? A.: – Indirectly – yes.