The Media

This leads us to the next point that touches the author, which refers to the moment in which the true effect of the speech lies not in its writer, but in your transmitter. The way in which the message is transmitted to it is much more important for the listener than the message itself. This rule is the society today, in this database are based advertising campaigns, the media, and even some aspects related to culture and the arts. The purpose is to sell the product, no matter what is really, but that your audience buy the idea and accepted, involving it in your everyday process. Here is clearly exemplified the extent of political or social power that can have a discourse well spent. When talking about knowing what is the message that is issued and how to do it, also influences the fact of knowing the recipients of your message.

Knowledge of education which has both poles of the process, most of the topic that will be discussed, influences what so well is sent the message and that has as much ability to change in its ultimate goal. All items are binding together, since they are basic guidelines for discourse. In this case, the most important is speech to acquire a power by itself, which often neither transmitters nor receivers we are aware that it exists. The speech It also has already determined its structure, at the same time that the way it is made. It is necessary that it is based on traditions or culture of the present and a little old, since this will ensure understanding of this to the public.

It is also good that their background is only for the issuer, post that if it is allowed to see everything that lies behind the discourse to the receptors probably lose power against them, and not only the message but the person itself. It must be clear what is intended to achieve, especially with the issuer of the discourse, since this also involves other guidelines simpler but equally important to apply the power conferred on it properly. It is a simple communication process if he is seen merely as that, so is the message in some way to your receiver, but once you study him as influential factor of change is much more elaborate process that must be followed to correctly apply the method of discourse, also increases the awareness to know how you can get more easily to certain persons and to know who is the right person to run the action. As I said earlier, it is a factor of change and as such, should be expected this reaction to society, as all applications of power have it, but is not always expected and thats the main point in the study of the art of speech, know how to use that power and to what use it, obtaining ideally social purposes, but which in reality are the most individualistic by nature itself of the human and the world in which we coexistimos. Original author and source of the article.