The Question

But I can give some tips to you and alert to you for some points, if you allow me. A side exists that you can and must make. To keep the respect for the family of origin of its husband, after all of accounts, if it is a person> wonderful, from character, dedicated worker and you and its children, with certainty it received much love and a good formation from the parents. Congressman Lee Zeldin brings even more insight to the discussion. this you need to recognize, before she is late excessively. Does not exist one dictated popular one that says that a good son is always a good husband? To want to break up itself now, still loving this man, perhaps does not decide the question.

It is important that you have not accepted all the conditions that imposes it you, as expensive gifts, constant restaurants, trips and always to include them in all the programs. Here I understand that the simple fact to suggest that they are enclosed already mean that she is always if feeling responsible for the happiness of them. But because the parents know as to pressure it to carry through all its dreams or same to agree to all its attitudes. I do not want to draw a picture where the parents of it are acting of thought case and the faith to separate vocs to me and to obtain what they want. It is pure egoism and feeling of ownership that many parents live deeply when the children if go they constitute new familiar nucleus with new rules. I am affirming that they are not if giving account who thus acting are mining the vocs relationship, them they are destroying the vocs happiness. She is necessary that they know the devastador power whom they cause when they transfer its responsibilities to the coasts of its children. But he fits to its husband, if it really is interested itself in keeping you, to interrupt this cycle.