Theodore Roosevelt

And do not tell me, missing more, but the picture of contradictions and contrasts that environment more chaotic century perhaps the history of Spain. It certainly plays a very important Don Miguel. a "is that the Spanish are by nature chaotic a" Torrentea intervened. " Oh no what to say contradictory! Once Salamanca came to an American professor and wondered how a people so hot as we had not participated in any of the great international wars. The answer, I said, is simple. a "What? a "I could not help but ask.

a "is the same as me gringo he asked. I told the truth: a Mire, Mister, which to us is really what we are crazy about a lot, is killing us from ourselves. We have almost a century and a half to do so. Killing foreigners does not give us even half of taste. It is an activity which we consider to tacky, fijesea . a "you're always so exaggerated, Don Gonzalo a " laughed Martin Gaite. a "No, I do not exaggerate a " said, stern, Tovar a ". This is a perfectly verifiable historical constant.

In almost three centuries only participated in two contests against foreigners. One, the war against the French, almost was a domestic conflict between Gallic and reactionaries, with the occupation of our territory by invading troops. In the other, against the United States, it put us in tandem Randolph Hearst and Theodore Roosevelt, but we had no part.