There Is A Letter For You

a may be easier to love each oneself to love others even though the man is so politically correct that it is able to disguise his pride in what is theoretically interest in another. Perhaps there is more pride and arrogance in what is apparently disinterested affection. It is not easy even to distinguish oneself unless one stops to ponder his own conscience. A mighty task, one never knows what ghosts are going to find inside, talking loudly. In any case, the reality is that the self is the engine verdaderoa happiness. Never attempt to quell a feeling, if you do, your body will soon pay the price of anxiety, stress and frustration.

Go there where the heart takes you and never forget that, paradoxically, what we most want is what we fear most. a Everyone has a story, a story of encounters that we are tacking personal over time. It is difficult to describe biography of the heart, revealing the code of the language of feelings to understand each other better. Often make the mistake of forgetting that everyone is different and therefore the actual degree of empathy in a utopia and end is difficult to achieve since no one can get a hundred per cent in the mind, and interiority of others, not even of those closest to us. If for a moment cease to be we could do ourselves to become directly on the other. A power may be desirable in some cases impossible for any human but limited to the conditions of its own corporeality.