Tourism In Ukraine

Summer sunny morning. Bus rushes to the south area. It smells of wild flowers and moist earth. Herds of cows and horses munching grass lonely. Tiny pools reflect the blue sky. On rural roads is strongly shaken.

But after Confined Space Bus fresh air immediately enters the lungs and hits to the head, from which pyaneesh and forget all the demagoguery from the height of the city. In this way, a hundred kilometers from the regional center, the village Koropets Monastic district, Ternopil, journalists went to find out how you can relax in the Ukrainian province. And most important – see for yourself what constitutes a rural green tourism. Alternative Unemployment keen eye of the European tourism industry in the 70-ies observed that citizens with average incomes are not distracted away from the city noise in rural areas. Moreover, many would like to not only have breakfast with fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden, drink fresh milk, but familiarize with the rural way of life, a hand on the agricultural labor.

In Italy, for example, fashionable "to rent a room in an ancient mill, and in Spain – on a beautiful farm. Ukrainian Village also attracts nature and hospitality, but domestic achievements in this area are more than modest. On the green tourism, we do remember ten years ago. Have determined the most popular recreation areas – this is the Crimea and Carpathians. Recently, it was added to the Dniester canyon, recognized two years ago, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Ukraine.