It has belt and thirty and three years, Jacare listened to for the first o whistle of the Maria-smoke, that not only brought the passengers of the inaugural trip, but the promise of a new age. The history of the train if mixture with the history of the Valley of the Paraba, its people, its culture and even of the architecture. The train exceeded the way of the tracks and arrived at music, literature, the painting and created a new style architectural that will influence the too much constructions of the time. The history of the Valley of the Paraba is populated with personages and its creators who had left its perpetual marks this way. Hunter Lobato, Cassiano Ricardo, Euclides of the Wedge, Mazzaropi, between that they make this valley to be singular in all the history of Brazil. Detached during the cycle of the coffee, the region prospered, generated wealth and attracted as living the barons of the coffee, the green gold.

Luxury and requinte were exhibited in the large houses, in the way of if dressing, walking and to speak, bringing for the region a little of belle poque that it invigorates in the Europe. The Valley of Paraba possesss diverse paradoxes become that it particular. Conservative and vanguardista at the same time, were the last region in the state of So Paulo to extinguish the hand of enslaved workmanship, but she was one of the pioneers in Brazil in the construction of the railroad that passes for this region. the history of this railroad, as well as the history of the Valley of the Paraba, could not leave of to be singular and repleta of truths that seem legends and legends that seem truths. Brazil will have its first railroad in thirty of April of a thousand eight hundred and fifty and four, with the Railroad Petrpolis, later call of E.F.